Duane's Monthly 7 Technology Tips

7 Computer/Technology Tips for September, 2016

1 .    Security Tip of the month: Is your computer operating system up to date?  What about the latest version of OS on your phone and/or tablet?  When did you last change your password on your email and other important websites?

2.     Interesting website for Linguistic teachers and students: http://nacloweb.org/

3 .    Software tip of the month: Software for Text Analysis, Text Mining and Text Analytics: QDA Miner Lite

4 .    Friendly Reminder: Want a smartphone that is half the price as a newer model iPhone and half the price:  Check out the One Plus 3.

5 .    Tip for my Students: Do you want to improve your English in a fun way?  Or work on other languages.  Use Memrise.com or install the Memrise app on your smartphone.

6 .    Browser tip: Do you need to take screenshots of your browser page sometimes.  Use the FireShot extension for Chrome which Captures the Webpage screenshot entirely.

7 .    Numbers of the Month: Fastest Downloaded app ever in the world up till now.   Pokeman Go.  Days to get to 50 million downloads?  19.


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