Welcome to Duane Lake, New York

(last updated August 16, 2019)
The Great Annual Duane Lake Septic Pump-out is almost here!   Help protect the waters of Duane Lake at a discount price. 


About this Web site
This Web site is offered by the Duane Lake Association as a service to the Duane Lake community.

Members are invited to submit items of interest to the Duane Lake community to the editor at DuaneLakeAssoc@gmail.com.

These could include essays, articles, and ideas on any subject of interest to the Duane Lake community, as well as photos, art work, and classified advertisements (free for members). Suggested topics: recent and coming events, nature, water quality, local politics.

The summer 2019 issue of the Duane Lake Association newsletter is now posted!   Read it by finding DLA Newsletters, below.

You may contact the Duane Lake Association at DuaneLakeAssoc@gmail.com

Next DLA Board meeting set for 7:00 p.m., August 14, at the home of Alan and Nancy Knight, 1399 West Duane Lake Road. All members of the DLA are welcome to attend.


(year indicates 3-year term ends in June)  

Alan Knight, President   2021
David Elliott, Vice President  2022
Maria Flores Seibert, Secretary  2022
Norman Stewart, Treasurer  2021
Ward Freeman, Director  2021
Michaelynn McClenahan, Director  2022
Chris Miller, Director  2020
Kim Roberts, Director  2020
Pat Huff, Director   2021

The Association can be contacted at DuaneLakeAssoc@gmail.com