Next Steps

Involving Fathers Throughout the Year

Not only is involving men and fathers in DTYCTS day important, but also it is important that fathers and men remain involved in schools throughout the school year. One way to do this is by asking men what skills they would like to share with the school and then utilizing those skills in the roles that you offer to them.  Also it is important to give men specific jobs with specific time frames. Finally, it is important to reinforce for men the value of involvement in the school. Below is a list of activities aimed specifically in trying to get fathers involved in schools and in the lives of their children.Some ideas to help involve fathers follow:

Be organized

  • Have a sign‐in sheet so that you can capture who came and how many dads participated.
  • Have additional sign‐ups for future volunteer opportunities or other events.
  • Survey dads to find out their expertise/hidden talent for future activities (i.e. workshops, career day, etc.). Then, go through the surveys each month to see how the dads can help with upcoming events.
  • Review the surveys each month to see how dads can help with upcoming events, or plan events inspired by their talents.

Be social

  • Plan a short program in a meeting room or auditorium for parents after they have dropped off their children. If possible include coffee, juice, and cookies.
  • Allow time for the parents that are coming to the school to meet each other.
  • Encourage dads to bring their child to school, even if they have to leave right away, but also offer breakfast and other activities for those who choose to stay.

Have fun!

  • If possible, set up a picture booth for parents to take pictures with their children. Print the pictures during the program so that dads can take them home.
  • Think outside the box! For example, one school created a "Victory Lap" where fathers and their children walked around the school (inside because it was raining) chanting "I'm glad you’re my kid," and “I'm glad you’re my Dad.” Another school had fathers make the morning announcements over the PA system.


  • Provide commitment cards for fathers that would like to be more involved to list specific examples of how they could help at the school.
  • Create a letter, note, button, sticker, or t‐shirt that says “I took my child to school today” to pass out to parents as they take their children to school.
  • Provide Certificates of Participation to recognize dads.