Making this event a success takes planning and local ownership.

The following checklist includes lots of ideas to that can help you plan, but might include more or less than you want to do at your school. DTYCTS is a grass-roots movement, so your school or community organization can make this event as small or big as you want it to be. 

Use the Organizing Guide and other resources on the Tools and Resources page of this website.

Sample Timeline







  • Gain support from key stakeholders: Principal, Head Start Director, Key Leaders, etc.
  • Register your event at:‐up
  • Begin reaching out to community partners, including father‐serving organizations.
  • Organize a Planning Team: Include staff, parents, and community partners.
  • Review the prior year annual report for inspiration and ideas.

  • Hold regular Planning Team meetings.
  • Develop the schedule of events for Dads Take Your Child to School Day.
  • Alert local leaders and elected officials about your event and invite them to attend.
  • Ask fathers to share about their jobs, hobbies, talents, etc and if they would like to contribute any talents/ideas for the event.
  • Develop a list of follow‐up opportunities for the dads who attend DTYCTS to
    volunteer or support your school or Head Start. Be Creative!

  • Create and print waivers for the use of media (pictures, newspapers, etc).
  • Contact a local media/press to alert them to your event.
  • Purchase or order refreshments.
  • Distribute fliers to classrooms and/or mail to parents, inviting dads to the event.
  • Meet with Planning Team as necessary. Ensure all tasks are clearly assigned.
  • Involve the children. For example, have children make invitations for their dads.

  • Have supplies and other necessary items set up before the morning of the event.
  • Assign someone to take pictures for the school’s use at your event.
  • Print a sign in sheet to get parent contact information.
  • Print Certificates of Participation for dads and community partners (see pages 19‐22).
  • Compile a list of upcoming parent events.

  • Provide Certificates of Participation to recognize dads and community partners.
  • Tell dads about upcoming volunteer opportunities and events.
  • Have a sign‐up sheet for future volunteer opportunities.
  • Survey dads to find out their expertise/hidden talent for future activities (i.e.
    workshops, career day, etc.).
  • Take lots of pictures! Print and distribute pictures immediately or as soon as possible.
  • Be creative and have fun!

  • Complete the Dads Take Your Child to School online evaluation.
  • Recognize any staff or community partners that helped make the day a success.
  • Include pictures of the event in any newsletters or post in a display board.
  • Review the surveys of dads’ talents/hobbies to see how they can help with upcoming
    school/Head Start events.