About myself

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow with Mark Stokes at the University of Oxford, funded by the Fondation Fyssen

My main research interest lies in dissecting the neuro-cognitive architecture of working memory, our brain's ability to store and manipulate information in the service of adaptive, flexible, and intelligent behavior. To this end, I employ a mixture of behavioral techniques, neuroimaging (i.e., fMRI) and electrophysiological methods (i.e., EEG/MEG), as well as machine learning algorithms.


During my PhD with Stanislas Dehaene at Neurospin, CEA Saclay (France), explored the cognitive and neural characteristics and features of a newly discovered phenomenon: non-conscious working memory. 

Prior to moving to France in August 2012, I was a post-baccaleaureate fellow with Dr. Tobias Egner at Duke University, where I used behavioral and neuroimaging methods to investigate a wide range of topics related to cognitive control, feature integration, and working memory.