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1.8W 445nm Diodes

1.8W M140 A-Type 445nm Diodes
This is a 5.6mm diode

Status:  Out of Production
First Ship:  Jul 2011
Last Ship:  Apr 2015
Out of Stock/Very low chance of finding a new diode just used ones pulled from EOL projectors being sold as new which please note the current suggestions if followed with used diodes leads to a lot of immediate failures.

These are the lower bin diodes out of the M140 projectors without the dot above the bar code which average 1.8W. Most sellers don't bother sorting these and selling them separately instead just sell all the diodes as 2W M140's leaving the buyer in a luck of the draw as to if they will receive an actual 2W+ M140 or a lower bin 1.8W diode. I don't want to call these A140 diodes as most the diodes sold as A140's elsewhere are from heavily used A140 projectors. The A140 projector has been discontinued for about 3 years now and there is no way to get a new one just used ones and these are out of new machines.

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