NDG7475 1W 520nm Green Laser Diode
Max Suggested Current 2.2A
For more info see testing at bottom of listing.

Warning. I have had multiple customers informing me they have received 700mW NDG700 520 diodes from foreign sellers advertised as 1W 520 diodes or 1W 520nm NDG7475(T). Talked with my supplier who confirmed this is going on saying it is a common practice currently. I also looked closely at some of the mentioned listings. The NDG700 700mW diode can be driven to 1W so they are selling them as 1W diodes. This may make it an accurate claim of potential power but confusing to customers. The actual NDG7475 1W 520nm diode can be driven to 1.4W easily with some of the more efficient ones doing 1.6W+ where the NDG700 can not exceed 1W and are less expnesive. The one common thing I notices in all the of these listings was an edited version of the NDG7475 datasheet showing 1.8A as the drive current which is required for the NDG700 700mW diode to hit 1W. The datasheet for the NDG7574 is(and has always shown) 1.7A as the max drive current so if you see max drive current or forward current with 1.8A it is a pretty good bet they are NDG700 being offered.

NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode

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Back Half and Lens Options
AL:Aluminum CU:Solid Copper Back Half CUHL:Solid Copper Half Length CUDS:Solid Copper With Driver Shelf
NL: No Lens 2EG: Two Element Glass Lens 3EG:Three Element Glass Lens G2: G-2 Glass Lens
All copper back half options make direct thermal contact with the base of 9mm diodes or the base of the copper diode mount on modules for 3.8mm/5.6mm diodes
Aluminum back halfs have for a free floating compact driver to be installed by connected directly to the pins where no additional driver heasinking is required
The 20mm and 25mm Copper with Driver Shelf options have a pocked machined to thermally bond a compact driver in the back of the module for higher current builds
All the drivers I carry except the Blackbuck 8M will work as a compact driver for the above configurations

NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode 
In 12mm Copper Module W/Leads 
No Laser Driver

NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode 
In 20mm Copper Module W/Leads 
No Laser Driver 

NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode
In 25mm Copper Module W/Leads
No Laser Driver
NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode 
In 12mm Copper Module W/Driver
6-9V 2A+ Input 

NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode 
In 20mm Copper Module W/Driver
6-9V 2A+ Input 

NDG7475 520nm Laser Diode 
In 25mm Copper Module W/Driver
6-9V 2A+ Input