Hi all, welcome to Dtownknifekid's knife and gear reviews. Some of you may know me from my Bladeforums Jerzeedevil and/or YouTube accounts, I'm a life scout from Chester County Pennsylvania and I am the Chester County Council Venturing Officer's Association vice president for program. I decided that to make this account so that I can provide scouts and regular people with my opinions on Knives and other gear that a scout may find useful. I will mainly be reviewing knives and other outdoor gear and I will insert my experiences with using the gear in scouts and venturers, however, I may through in reviews of random things. I will try to keep my reviews original, but I will borrow information and may provide links(with permission of course) to reviews from other reviewers. I hope you like the site.
WARNING: Some of the gear and techniques presented on this site are dangerous and could be illegal in some Countries, states/provinces, and/or localities. Use the gear and attempt the techniques AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU are responsible for your safety and to know the laws that affect you.
Disclaimer: the views presented in this site are the views of the offer and DO NOT represent the views of the Boy Scouts of America or the policies and opinions of any other person or organization. If the views of another party are represented credit will be given. If credit is absent, you don't want your opinions to be posted on the site, or you believe I have misinterpreted your opinions please email me at Dtownknifekid@gmail.com and the site will be edited ASAP.