Mark your Calendar!

Dutchtown Harvest Festival 2012: A FoodDay Event

Sunday, October 14
11 AM- 5 PM
Marquette Park 63118
(at the intersection of Gasconade and Virginia)

A new national holiday was born last year in 2011– FoodDay! 

FoodDay is dedicated to addressing problems with food production, distribution, access, and education and is being championed by folks like Michael Pollan and Alice Waters (think Earth Day, but for food). 

At the Festival

DT2, the Downtown Dutchtown Business Association is organizing our second fall harvest festival in honor of this day.

This year's event will be held Sunday, October 14th from 11am to 5pm, in beautiful Marquette Park at the intersection of Gasconade and Virginia near the Marquette Field House.

Booths of all varieties with be there: a Kidz Zone, Artist booths, Farmers Market, The Yam Jam (a cooking contest), cooking demos, nutrition education, live music and entertainment and of course, lots of local food tents. 

Our goal is to invigorate the blossoming food culture of Dutchtown and the City of St. Louis.


EarthDay St Louis' Recycling on the Go will be on hand to help us be earth Friendly.

Trailnet will have a booth and feature their super spiffy Bike Blender- a people powered smoothie blender!

About DT2

DT2- The Downtown Dutchtown Business Association. Whether you are an owner-occupant, a landlord, a business owner or a resident in the Dutchtown neighborhood, you have an investment to protect and to nourish.

Only by banding together and focusing on developing our neighborhood, in an organized way, can we truly make an impact and effect positive change. Individuals simply cannot accomplish what a determined group can.

Downtown Dutchtown is poised to realize the revival of both residential and commercial development. It won’t happen by itself  or by waiting for someone else to do it for us. It has to be done by those of us who live, work and have investments here. But we’ll all be the ones who benefit!

 Our Mission
Ask us what the mission of DT2 is and the answer is three simple points: We want to help existing businesses be more successful,  actively recruit appropriate new businesses and improve property values. The result will be an improved neighborhood for all of us who live, work and play here.