Chi-Shen's CV

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Electronic Version of Chi-Shen Tsai's CV [pdf]

MS degree:

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Design Division, 2005
Thesis:  “Automatic Assembly Sequence Plan Generation”
Advisor: Prof. Chun-Fong, You. September 2003- July 2005
** Analyzed the geometric features and constraints inherent in the parts in a given assembly model in     CAD, then found a feasible and optimal disassembly procedure.
** GPA: 3.88/4.0 (overall), 4.0/4.0 (major)

BS degree: 
Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Department of Engineering, 2003
** GPA: 3.80/4.0 (overall), 3.84/4.0 (major)
** Ranked 10th out of 127 in class.


  • Awarded the “Ministry of Education Scholarship for Graduate Students”, September 2003-June 2005
  • Awarded the “National Taiwan University Presidential Award”, April 2001 & April 2003 (Listed in the     top 5% for academic performance in the department of mechanical engineering.)


  • “Development of customized functions in CATIA V5, using CAA”

Advisor: Prof. Chun-Fong, You. August 2003-June 2004

CAA is one of the customized tools in CATIA V5 and is implemented in C++ language in Visual Studio. Engaged with a team of engineers that used CAA (Component Application Architecture) to develop the special functions for Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) to check their products in CATIA

  • “Design and Practice of Solar Vehicles”

Advisor: Prof. Jung-Ho, Cheng. March 2000-September 2002

Invested a semester as part of a team to design the first generation solar vehicle in NTU including power system, structure and shape.  Spent two years of after-class time and extensive and strenuous hours to produce vehicle by hand.  Presented solar vehicle’s first debut to press receiving raving reviews and travelled three days to test the vehicle’s feasibility and verify the design. 

  •  “Design of Vehicle Seat for the Disable” 
Advisor: Prof. Tien-Tung, Chung. June 2002-September 2002

Utilized AutoCAD and AutoLisp to design a mechanism which moves a seat outside of a van and descends the seat to a lower height for aiding the disabled to embark or disembark from a vehicle. The design was successful and implemented by Pro-Glory Company.


  • NATIONAL TAIWAN UNIVERSITY, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC    September 2007-Present

Research Assistant-Advanced Control Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Prof. Li-Chen, Fu.

  1. Utilize CATIA to design a three-wheeled robot for one project of “Versatile Group                  Entertainment/Recreation Robots for All Home Members”.  The design is work in progress and will be constructed by next January.  The project is a research initiative commissioned by the National Science Council, Taiwan.
  2. Maintain and improve mechanical aspects of Tour Guide Robot, which has just been finalized
  • ROC TAIWAN ARMY, ROC, Taiwan    2005-2007

Logistic Officer, 2nd Lieutenant, Artillery Battalion, 176 Brigade 

    1. Assisted the Logistics Officer in managing and maintaining the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of weapons and equipment (rifles, artillery, vehicles and chemical equipment) of the artillery battalion consisting of 460 people. 
    2. Developed strong communication skills by constantly engaging with all levels of personnel from high ranking officials to front line soldiers.    
    3. Attended hanguan exercise No. 22 (2006), as a Liaison Officer.  Engaged as connector between military army and coast patrol office to keep the exercise area clear for public safety. 


  • Member, Kung-Fu and Tai-Chi Club, 1999-2005
  • Private tutor for senor high school student, 2003-2004
  • Counseling volunteer at a Buddhist summer camp in Nantou County, Taiwan, 1999~2002