On-line Conversion Service:

* Inquiry

Our clients could send their inquiry to us via website, email, ftp-site, courier or fax. We accept inquiries along with order or copies of sample drawings for quotation purpose.

* Receipt Of Documents

Upon receipt of the original documents, we will check the documents and acknowledge its receipt.

* Original Documents

We could carry out CAD conversion based on any of the following type of originals:

~ Original tracing
~ Photocopy
~ Hand sketch with proper dimensions
~ Blueprint
~ Scanned images in pdf, jpeg, tiff, png or bitmap

* Quotation and Acceptance

The conversion requirements shall be furnished by the inquiring party. These will include CAD standards ie: layering, dimensioning etc. If there is no specific requirements set by the inquiring party, DTech shall apply the appropriate industrial standards.

DTech will provide a quotation on the basis of the estimated efforts made considering the volume of inquiry. Orders will be accepted on mutually agreed terms.