D-TEA 2017

This year's D-TEA workshop is dedicated to the memory of Kenneth J. Arrow.

D-TEA (Decision: Theory, Experiments and Applications) is an annual workshop dealing with decision sciences, held by HEC, Paris. Its goal is to promote dialogs between theory, experimental findings, and applications (where “applications” might mean actual decision making as well as the construction of theoretical or empirical models in the social sciences). One of D-TEA’s goals is to highlight recent development in the field, and bring together researchers who work on similar questions. To this end, D-TEA has an annual “theme”, but it also features general, non-theme talks. 

This year's theme is Voting, with an emphasis on proposals for and evaluation of voting systems, as well as related social choice questions.  

Date:       May 29-31, 2017. 

Location: Institut Henri Poincaré 
               11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
               75231 Paris Cedex 05


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