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Working with 360-panoramas

Jon Hoem and Øyvind Fosse, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

This workshop will give some insight of the technical and narrative possibilities given by 360-technologies. Participants will get experience with 360-cameras and use this as a starting point for some work with basic image manipulation. Participants will also be able to work with some material that will be prepared beforehand, manipulating objects into 360-spheres (still images).

Introduce the different capturing/recording techniques: special cameras, recording with mobile devices etc.

Maybe a short introduction to Kolor Panotour (http://www.kolor.com/panotour/) and/or similar authoring software.

Get some viewing experience, and discuss the narrative and didactical potential.

Given a limited number of cameras participants will work in groups, capturing the still image-spheres, spheric videos, videos and sound that they will need for their projects.  The groups will work with recording videos, sound material etc during the time when they do not have a 360-camera.

The different parts and media material is brought together into small tours, with support from a technician. We will work with various techniques, but the goal is that the participants become able to make a virtual tour, put together with Kolor Panotour, or an alternative based on free software.

Equipment needed:
Participants must bring their own portable computer. If you have a 360-camera, bring it too.

Software that may become handy: 

Workshop registration
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