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Using game-authoring tools

Andrew Burn

This workshop will demonstrate the use of a game-authoring tool, Missionmaker, developed in a series of research and public engagement projects over several years. It allows users to make 3-D adventure games relatively quickly, with minimal programming. It will be used with young people in Denmark in March 2017 to make games re-imagining the Vikings. 

Participants will have the opportunity to use the software (subject to technical provision), to make their own games.
Please download the user guide for the software we are using in the workshop here. (pdf, 1 MB)

For more information, examples and demo videos, see the D.A.R.E. website page at https://darecollaborative.net/magical/

Equipment needed:
There will be a demo of the software on a projector, where the participants make a group game. Participants can also try a beta version of the software to use in the workshop or later. There are versions for both PC and Mac. However, the Mac version has some limitations. 

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