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How may students compose music and soundscapes for presentations?

Eldar Skjørten, VESLEFRIKK – national initiative on composing with children

Music is frequently used in cross curriculum activities to make presentations more engaging. Surprisingly often, this involves breaking copyright legislations by using protected music without permission. And surprisingly seldom, the music adds to a richer learning experience. Motivation and engagement is fine, of course, but what if we raise the bar a few steps? In this workshop we will both explore where students may find music they're allowed to use for free, and how they by simple means can create their own music for presentations and cross curriculum activities. We will also be exploring how music may add to deeper and richer learning experiences. In the creative parts of the workshop we’ll be using iPad. The presenter will suggest a few apps during the workshop, but attendees may choose to work with their own apps.

Eldar Skjørten is a music educator at Eiksmarka in Norway and the owner of Musikkpedagogikk.no. Besides being a teacher, he has initiated national conferences about technology in music education. He is also the founder of Veslefrikk, a national initiative around composing in schools, in collaboration with The Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra, the major composer associations and more. He has been presenting at conferences in Finland, Australia and Singapore, as well as numerous courses for teachers in Norway. In 2015 he became an Apple Distinguished Educator, based on his innovative use of iPad in music education.

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