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Free online resources for music classrooms

Matti Ruippo, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Mobile devices have entered schools. They are handy and attractive but they have cons, too. One, for example, is the problem of equality: everyone does not have a mobile device at hand. Another con is the unbalanced variety of music applications for different operating systems. The iOS has a leading role for music apps, meanwhile Android, the most common operating system used amongst youngsters, has a very limited assortment of music apps. These problems mean that it is not possible to continue making music outside of the school with mobile equipment. 

This workshop will give a hands-on view over the variety of free resources for making music on the internet. Having an internet connection and an ordinary computer will enable creating music via web browsers. One will have an immediate access to the ever growing variety of tools, no downloading and installation needed. These tools are provided by scientific societies, commercial companies, multimedia artists, enthusiasts, etc. Furthermore, these tools, always available, support the pluralistic attitude in music education. Modern music education benefits from the means: make together and publish to each other. Online communities are easily integrated when both the tools and the products are on the net. 

There are hundreds of web applications available. The problem is that only a minor part of these options are usable for music education. The workshop will lead the participants tothe sources which are workable. In addition, it will give practical tips for classroom situations. 

Equipment needed:
Participants will need a computer (e. g. a laptop – mobile tablets are not supported in 
every case), internet connection and headphones.

Workshop registration
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