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The project, Development of innovative digital learning solutions for transnational language and cultural education, examines and develops tangible solutions to teachers for them to succeed with establishing transnational, digital cooperation to a higher degree. The project develops and tests new, innovative ideas on how the inclusion of IT in a transnational educational context will enhance teaching in languages and will create the basis for increased involvement of the students and realistic/authentic learning activities across countries. DIDLE is financed through the Erasmus+ program.

With a starting point in what we know about acquisition of languages, the project will develop, test and evaluate digitized ways of teaching. Ways that also includes mobile technology in a meaningful way. The project will, with a common literate experience, give the students a shared point of view for the transnational process of cooperation. By implementing and optimizing tangible transnational processes of cooperation, the project prepares the students of today on tasks that are of great relevance to their future.

In April 2017, 8th graders from Bergen in Norway, and 7th graders from Lund in Sweden, will get to know the novel The murderers ape by Jacob Wegelius by using an app called Fotspor. During this activity, the Norwegian students are exposed to the Swedish language and vice-versa. The pupils will need to listen to, and understand their “sister-language” to find the next stop in a virtual and physical tour. As they move through physical locations the app “unlocks” new part of the virtual story, as well as illustrations from the novel.  After using their mobile phones for this “treasure hunt” in the local surroundings, the students are challenged to continue the story of the main character of the book, in groups. These new stories will then be shared with their collaboration group from the partner school. The groups will communicate through video chat in www.nordeniskolen.org

Equipment needed:
We welcome the participants of our workshop at DTAE to learn more about our experiences with the first trial of DIDLE.
You will also have the opportunity to try the “treasure hunt” in the Fotspor-app if you bring a smartphone or a tablet.
Please make sure that your smartphone has 100% power, or bring a powerbank. 

Workshop registration
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