Silence Interrupted – about the music, by Odd Torleiv Furnes, NLA University College
The theme in the art installation Silence Interrupted is the conflict and paradox that exists in the encountering between man’s industrial and hasty actions and train of thought, and natures slow-moving processes and cycles. The humans in the video represent both vulnerable and natural beings as well as those responsible for the conflict and its outcomes.

In beeing an interdisciplinary project between dance, video, sound and music, the installation is a multidimensional object that potentially triggers numerous senses and experiences in the spectator. The paper discusses the interaction between these dimensions from the perspective of schema theory, gestalt perception, and music and emotion, and how these fields of research may contribute to a common set of concepts and understanding in communication across the arts. Meaning and communication will also be thematised in terms of degrees of abstraction in artistic expressions and the balance between communicating an intended content and that of creating an arts experience.