Research area: Gender and creative music making using digital tools

Camilla Jonasson, Doktorand vid musikhögskolan i Malmö,  Lunds Universitet

Having the right to soundscape the world 

Although technology is still associated with masculinity, more democratic music making through the development of both digital tools and the Internet has had a positive impact on gender balance. The research project Having the right to soundscape the world explores and investigates music making among young people aged 13 to 21, which takes place in leisure time activities. The aim of the study is to examine how gender norms might be challenged in creative music making using digital tools. With this thesis, I want to increase knowledge of how equality can be achieved from a music education research perspective as well as in the music field in general.
The study has a gender theoretical framework and are based on a socio-cultural perspective regarding learning. The thesis deploys an ethnographic methodology and data has been collected by focus group 
conversations and observations combined with photography, audio, film and social media.
 In the presentation the ongoing study Having the right to soundscape the world will be presented and the preliminary results will be discussed.