Research Interests

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My research interests lie primarily in the domain of adolescents' close relationships and social development, with a particular interest in adolescents' romantic relationships. In this area, I am presently investigating the association between romantic involvement and increased depressive symptoms in adolescence. Specifically, I am focusing on how individual differences in adolescents' emotional intelligence and close friendshps may predict increased depressive symptoms for romantically-involved youth.


With Dr. Amori Mikami, I am also working to collect and code data from teens’ social networking websites in order to better understand the role of online communication in adolescents’ development. From these pages, we are able to obtain information about what teens say about themselves online as well as the kinds of things their friends say to them when communicating over the internet. One of our goals for this project is to link aspects of adolescents’ early development with specific outcomes regarding their online communication and relationships.We also seek to understand how teens' use of social networking websites might impact their future adjustment.


Finally, my interest in best-practice teaching has led to my involvement in an educational intervention study called My Teaching Partner ( This study aims to help new teachers identify their strengths in the classroom and to improve upon their weaknesses by using empirically-guided techniques.