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So, this is my first Google page.

We're in America for a month now and if we're lucky, we will be able to keep our moves up to date using this resource. On ensuing pages, this one will be listed as 'home page' or Monday.

We arrived at our final destination yesterday, at about 6.45pm having set off from home at 6.45am (UK time). 17 hours! Air travel isn't all they make it out to be.  You have to be there about two hours before the flight is scheduled to leave and the airport is invairiably an hour from where you want to be. We flew from Manchester - New York,  so arrving in NY about 12.30pm wasn't too bad, but the taxi into town and the wait for the train (which itself was fairly slow) made up much of the rest of the time. Still we arrived safe and sound.

We'd met Gail at Penn Station and she guided us up country to Danielson in Connecticut.   Got to go - Betz wants PC (no life?).  More soon.

Ok, I now have control of another computer - an Apple this time (no right-click on the mouse - weird!). The weather has been fabulous today - I've spent most of my day either relaxing in the pool or reading. This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'm having to do this with the free Google 'page creator' because we don't have access to a web editor here. Also, I haven't got my login details for the Village e-Learning ste, so I couldn't alter it even if I had Front Page. I did have the login, Betz's dad sent them to me this morning but my phone (which contains the text) has died on me! Not sure how it happened, but it just stopped working. Hopefully, T-mobile will do something about that when I get back (maybe not?) In the meantime, we have a pay-as-you-go US card in my old Nokia 6310i and I will have to use that. I'd only brought my W800i to take photos with (which b.t.w. is why we have no pics on this site yet . . . . )

Ok bored now (and tired).  Night night. 


The links on the other side may get longer - so this is just to even up the page. It may even have some useful and interesting stuff to report in time - who knows?

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