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There are an awful lot of people here!

Terry Mayes, the co-Chair has just told us that 600 delegates are expected, 100 of whom are from other countries.

The lady speaking now is telling us about how the young peole we teach are different to us! (also see, also that they now use mobile technologies are the ways young people to communicate. It really is scary that after all this time - there is still al long way to go! She mentions John Seeely Brown and his works - I remember reading some of his work, must look him up again. She mentioned the changes occuring in librarys - which is so ture, but the interesting bit she said was that "they allow students to bring in work and food" - how would our techies react to that??

How many times will this message have to shouted out at audiences like this?

Next up, talking about Next Generation Learning is Gilly Salmon - who is brilliant. She is suggesting that we 'rock on!' Using a rock she has wit her she is saying the as a race, we are learners and that we have never had such an opportunity to enable learners as we have now. She suggests that her theme looks like it will explore the expanding web and the way it can be used, wikkis blogs, web based media.

Next up Phil C Candy. Next Genetation Learners. He put a full text page on screen and then read it to us!!!! Mentioned Scott Walter "Born Digital: See -
Walter, S. (2005, April). Born digital: Looking at information literacy instruction through a generational lens. In E. Lindsay (Chair), One size doesn’t fit all: Working with diverse patrons. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Washington Library Association, Spokane, Washington. Available through KU ScholarWorks at

He's still putting lots of text on screen - and isn't saying too much different.  Says young learners just don't think about the technology they are using and that they will pick up informsation in any form from any source (true) and that there is a need for us to teach information literacy. Says that young learners surf and skim, rather than study. Trashed PPT (but if used like he does I'm not surpised!) See Edward Tufte?

Next up = Terry Anderson - Next Generation Technology. Another American (like Diana). Another texty slide.  Now Star Trek development of technology, moving through Spok, Pacard, Geordie and Data - brilliant.

Next up Chris Yapp of Microsoft. Didn't use PPT, just talked - and made a joke of that. "People are the future"

I may not contribute now for a while because the wirelss only works in this building. See links on top right for workshops and other sessions I attended.


The evening was planned around a Ceiledah or a Ghost and Goulie tour. I'd been booked onto into the Ceiledah but dancing isn't my scene. I'd caught up with Cathy Ellis after dinner and as we were still chatting we moved to the Ceiledah bar to continue our conversation. This was nice, until the band started up and we couldn't hear ourselves think. As Cathy had now been joined by someoneelse she knew, I went upstairs to the quiet bar where I spent the rest of the evening with Keith Webb and his colleagues from Huddersfield University.

Day two

Well, it's actually day three - but day two of the conference. I've decided to sit out of the first sessions because there's so many other things to do. 

However, I am now sat in the main lecture theatre, waiting for the second keynote speakers to begin. Although there is a conferecne dinner tonight, I've decided to go home instead. I have booked a taxi for 6.00pm to get me to the station for 7.00pm (last train . . . .).

First up - Prof. Tim O'Shea New Topologies for Learning with Eileen Scanlon. He is agruing against a proposition that suggests personalised learning will be the norm by 2030 (I think). Says that the big research University's will be those best placed for Next Generation Learners! Many University's are struggling with assessment - because of modern technology. More private providers will come along. Pretty much talking about his institution and widening out as well as possible. Quite amusing - but still just black text on white background. [I think I have a problem with the laptop - need to go for a while]

I really need to get a new laptop - this has taken 20 minutes to close and re-boot!!

Tim is wrapping up now - his argument was that learning will not become perosnal -but remian in institutions. I'm not sure I agree - his argument is sound, but takes no real notice of emerging and as yet unknown technoligies. He quoted Cardinal Newman as being the first user of the words 'virtual university' inasmuch as a London University (LSE?) was such (back in the 60s/70s?) because it didn't know its student like the students were known by their familys? I need to check.  I'm closing now, to make sure the lappy closes properly.  More when I can. 

Ok - it's on again. I'm sat on the TechDis site typing this and talking to people passing.  My gig looms

My workshop

My workshop seemed to go ok!

I managed to finish on time and to catch my Taxi into town.  My train was at 7.00pm (I arrived at 6.08 - so had to hang a bout a bit).  I got home about 11.15pm.

I'll use this area to list useful URLs and people I've met here.

Links to my other pages

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Workshop: My own - Weds PM


TechDis have very kindly sponsored me to be here this week: my presentation tomorrow will be about the accessibility of m-learning. Many thanks to TechDis.


This is the guy who spoke about digital natives and digital immigrants.

This guy has written some interesting things about e-Learning and its  social aspects.

This one is for Shailesh - I will do more on the main blog later (I can't login right now) - see my main blog



Because Emma is getting married in November and Sharon has decided we both need to lose weight - we are (I'm trying) following a food combination diet. I haven't got my head around it just yet - but I know that at events like this it can be a nightmare. So I decided that evening one could be a meat evening and had a delightful chicken dish. The vegetable choices were very poor and the vegetarian chocie was rice or cous cous (no real choice). Day one meals were appaling. I'd decided that today would be a high carb day (which I managed), but again the veggy choice at lunch was rice - take it or leave it; the evening choice of quiche (not imaginative) was accompanied by dried up frozen vegetables - not good. Today (Wednesday) I've had a nice breakfast of ceral and fruit but I don't look forward to lunch.

In fact Lunch was fine because I had noticed a sald bar yesterday - so i headed straight for that. i had two nice Rollmop Herrings with lots of salad and a soft roll - really tasty. I had also taken an apple and a drink so i half expected the "two items only'" police to catch me but they didn't - phew . . .


Talking to Alison last night (with Keith Webb's team), she raised the subject of Memes. I'd never looked into this before - but it fits with various 'strange thing' that happen.

Paper on Memes

Also see (book)

The Tipping Point -Malcom Gladwell 


I’m not too sure what my overall impression of the conference was. I certainly thought that Dr Diana Oblinger’s message was a plaintive cry to the audience. Unfortunately, I think her talents were wasted – THIS audience should have been aware of the message given. We can’t just keep repeated the same thing time after time – some effort needs to me made in training staff in the employment of new technological tips and techniques (the technology will look after itself). Prof. Tim O’Shea gave a great advertisement for his institution! Generally talking about what they do now and what technology allows them to do and how institutions like theirs will lead the way with e-Learning Development.


The most interesting observation I heard came from the guys talking about blogging. They told the audience about MySpace. It interested me that I’d not thought of discussing this phenomena with colleagues (outside my close circle). It is a huge huge problem waiting to burst upon us. See (My own – just started). Millions of people are using this site. Many of the most verbose are from the mid-teen range who will come to F.E. soon and to H.E. shortly after. These youngsters will be already equipped to use Blogs, Wikis, VLE, file sharing web-technologies and VLEs – because that’s what MySpace is! As Tim O’Shea suggested – they will also have little regard for what we currently see as good practice in copyright, plagiarism and the like.


If we think we are behind today’s learners (which I think Dr Diana Oblinger was saying – then we should heed the warning of some presenter and Prof. Tim O’Shea – Watch Out, things are about to change. AGAIN