This website was designed as part of Delaware State University's NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE) project.  This site has many different features that are available to share the work we have done, as well as advertise upcoming events we will be holding.  Be sure to explore all the site has to offer through clicking on the tabs on the left hand side, which will direct you to the other pages and resources.   The Affiliations seals on the left hand side will take you to their website when clicked.  The seal for the University of Delaware will take you to a website authored by Cort Willmott and Kenji Matsuura and contains their research on climate.   There is also a Contacts page with information on who you can contact should you have any questions regarding anything within the site.

Highlights of the site include:

What is NASA Innovations in Climate Change Education (NICE)?

NICE promotes climate and Earth system science literacy and seeks to increase the access of underrepresented minority groups to science careers and educational opportunities.  NICE projects advance our understanding of how to effectively teach global climate change concepts, increase public climate literacy, and contribute to the development of a diverse future workforce in climate-related sciences. 

Further information can be found by clicking the image under Affiliations (http://gcce.larc.nasa.gov/)