D & S Surveying and Mapping, LLC of Tulsa, Oklahoma is devoted to working with individual land owners & developers, engineers, residential/small commercial builders and land title attorneys in preparing personalized land surveys and providing the unique data to assist our clients in developing optimal and affordable solutions.

Our Services

ALTA land title surveys 
Flood Elevation Certificates
Boundary Surveys
Construction Staking
Right-of-Way and Easement Surveys
Easement Exhibit Surveys
As-Built Surveys 
Deed Research
Tree Surveys
House Stake or House Envelope Stake
Forms Survey
Topographic Surveys

Serving Tulsa Oklahoma Since 1988

D & S Surveying and Mapping Company of Tulsa Oklahoma are independent Professional Land Surveyors. We can provide Land Title Surveys,Standard Land Surveys,ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, Topographic Surveys,Elevation Certificates, Expert Witness services, Affidavit of Merit, Subdivision Platting and Map Records, Abandonment Surveys, Variance Surveys, Consent to Encroach Surveys, and a variety of other Land Survey related services and products. We specialize in Land Surveyor malpractice defense. We perform both residential and commercial Land Surveys. Do you know your boundaries?

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