DSST Students Against Fascism
A student organization committed to abolishing authoritarian rule within the school system


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Welcome to the newly founded DSST Students Against Fascism.

Recent Fascist Occurences:

iPod Gets Taken Because of Shakespeare

Eliot got his iPod jacked by an administrator.  He was letting other students listen during lunch to the Shakespearean Gangsta Rap for class, not for pleasure.  You don't listen to anything that has to do with Shakespeare for pleasure.  But the admin imposed the zero-tolerance policy for electronics anyway and took it.  And here's the kicker: when told they weren't considering our education, the admin replied, "I KNOW!"  Injustice!

Dec 17 2007

Refocus For Projectile Gum

Sam got a Refocus Session for being given a piece of gum during Physics class. Not for chewing the gum, keep in mind, or even having gum, but for being given a piece of gum!  Someone threw it in his lap!  It's not as if he had some preordained orders to chew it.  There's no way that could have been predicted!  This isn't Minority Report!

Dec 17 2007


Soon to come, a rant about the absurdity of the punishment called "Refocus"

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