Swamp Lake

Steve, Rob, Brian, KTom go all the way to Samp Lake for this adventure, Katrina almost made it.



Steve made delectible burrito's that hit the spot and Rob made the strongest

coffee on earth that could almost make your stomach rot. 

 Everyong enoying eachother's company, filling up on breakfast and going

over the ride.

Short on time?  Even if you can't make the dirt, join us for breakfast and some street

riding.  Tom, Layne, Scott and Mike came for the fun and had to split off from the group later.

 Steve and Brian hauling on the street.


Tom and his FZ1. 

 KTom powering through the fire road.

 Steve going through the woods.

 Everyone needs a break now and again, Steve, Brian, KTom and Katrina take

in some fresh air.

What a great road.

 Brian, KTom, Katrina, Steve and Rob enjoying lunch.

 How can Steve be THAT far ahead?

 KTom and Brian catching up!

Start of the rough stuff.

You can't tell how steep this is but this is an exmple of what our riders would

encounter later on in the day.  Steve's clutch was borked, KTom made it farther

anyone on his KTM, Brian made an excellent effort as did Katrina!

It's been a long day and taking somewhere around 4 hours to go 7 miles

is very exausting.

Our riders embark towards home.

Dusk, everyone arrives home safely.