Kolana Rock


Rob, Steve, Tom, Dillon, Jeff, Andrew, Layne, Katrina make their way up to the northern country - Kolana Rock and More!



The committee decided on a new meeting place for this morning's ride.  What better place than Rob's shop?  For some it was their first time, Steve and Rob were nice enough to make it appearant which direction to go.


Everyone is hanging out front, enjoying eachother's company, shooting the breeze, talking shop, and browsing the merchandise inside.


Steve serves up his 3rd customer of the day!  Great breakfast!  Very appreciated by all!


Andrew and Jeff


It's time to go!  Time's-a-wastin'!  Steve pounds another one down for the road and we begin on our ride.


Two additional benefits to meeting at Rob's place is the gas station is right across the street and it's near a freeway!  Time to fill up and head on out!  Score two birds with one stone!


It was mentioned that Central California has been the marketing testing ground for decades because of our diversity.  We tested the Debit Card for example.  Today we cran across a farmer testing a new product that removes the weat from the grass.  We were fortunate enough to be able to witness a feet of technological innovation.


The Machine.


The rider approves.


Rob lost his gear shifter downshifting towards a corner.  Normally this would have ruined a ride.  Rob pulled out his vice grips, clamped it to the shifter shaft, threw it in second and the plan was to head to his shop to change it out real quick.


See the damage?  How odd.


Instead of having to go back to the shop, he ran into a gentlemen who was welding a fence.  The gentlemen turned down the money and hepled Rob get on his way.


Success!  A fine weld!


After learning of the small adventure, there was much relief.  The crowd was expecting to sit and snack for at least 50 min.  There was much jubilation and cellebration.


We're a dual sport club, the roads we do have to ride are interesting.


The start of the Baja 25.  No trophies where givin' out, no award ceremony, this was one fun fire road that aimed to please.


Layne and Katrina enjoying the Baja 25.


A quick stop to catch out breath after the fun.


Bessy wanted to check out the bikes and came over for a visit.


The road awaits!


Katrina showing us that you can indeed hang with the boys.


Jeff with near perfect form!


One of the many bridges.


A rare spotting, Rob crossing.  He's usually the one behind the camera!


Tom gains a little speed into the turn - maybe a little too much!  The DSRIDER version of "CHEESE"!


Rob has the best way to record the fact that everyone is in tow, no one is left behind, visual evidence.


Some of the smaller tanks fill up with gas.


Some of the DSRIDERS fill up on ice cream.


Time to hit the road again!  Rejoice!


The rain started to come down a little harder so we pulled over to put on the rain gear.


Red dirt.  Just wet enough.  Oh the joy....


Dillon in one with nature.


Jeff and Dillon aren't afraid of what is around the corner.  A dog; it almost got ran over 3 times.  It was so excited to see the motorcycles!  Who could blame the little fella!?!


Small break to come down from the off-road high.


Anyone would pass this wonderful road just driving by.  Good thing Powerman Andrew knows more than 97% of the population around here!


Thanks Andrew!


Clean air!


While the main group takes a breath below, 4 adventurers have a little exploratory fun.






The crew below.


I see in Katrina's future handlebar risers!  She surpassed all of our expectations!




Love the red.


More fresh air.


We at DSRIDER promote active learning and educational fun.  Pay attention to form and the different lines.


Kicking a leg out shifts the balance of the bike and acts as a third ...leg!


Almost everyone lost something off the back of their bike.  Layne nearly lost his MSR fuel saver but Andrew was kind enough to stop and pick it up.  Layne was glad no one was hurt.  Jeff nearly lost his first aid kit, Steve almost lost a muffler and water bottle and deffinatly lost a license plate, turn signals, brackets, refelctors, wiring, and who knows what else!


Powerman throwing that KTM around the corner like nobody's business.


Great rear view mirror shot of the photographer with Layne in the background.


Lunch stop.


Exausted as usual, the day is just starting but clock wise it's time for lunch.  Clockwise starting at Steve in the center, Dillon, Andrew, Layne, Katrina, Jeff, Tom, and Rob!


Steve looks upset about something.  Look at how red he is!!


Now we know why, look at what he had for lunch.


A little quick dose of dirt before we hit the road to our next destination!


Rain.  It looks slicker than it actually is, don't let your mind fool you.






Entrence fee to the park.  Most of the following pictures don't need explanation.  They're simply beautiful.














Tom remembers that he lives to ride and loves to live.








Layne spots a field goal!  We achieved our goal!  Everyone reached Kolana Rock and everyone had a blast!


It was around 7 pm and it was getting dark, cold, still wet, and there were concerns of snow.  There had been reports of a Winder Storm Warning for the area.  The DSRIDERS needed shelter.  They escaped to a recreational room outfitted with a fireplace.


Perfect to dry clothes.  Steve double checks no gloves, boots, pants, jackets melt.


Rob still drying off.


Another innovation being tested in the Central Valley.  It's top secret, all that is allowed to be said is that it aids in the making of smores.


Layne, Tom, Jeff, and Dillon had to get home no matter what the cost.  To hell or snow-water they'd get home.  They left the comforts of the rec-room and traversed home.  There were reports of a moon-lit night road, covered in rain and debris.  Stories were told of passing snow equipment and glimpses of snow as , Steve and Rob hang out at the resteraunt near the rec-room and decide it's time for dinner!


5 Stars.


That looks much better Steve!


The later it got the worse the road conditions and weather got so it was a much to stay over night.  There were no alternatives.


Parking your motorcyle in a strange area makes a DSRIDER worry.  Are the bikes safe?  Are our helmets still there?  Is there anybody messing with them?  Did I leave it in gear?  Am I on a downslope?  Steve double checks everything.


With everything checked Rob and Steve can rest easy and enjoy a full night's sleep.

It's morning and everything is in place!




Rob decides which path to take.


Steve confirms.



The KLR gets its much needed rest.


The DR enjoys the view.


Rob is an expert, do not try this at home or on your own - always, always have a riding buddy nearby to take pictures.  Have them ride up the easy way since they have the camera...and no one wants a broken camera.


This is no easy task.


Almost...almost.....Saved!!!  Rocks are no joke.


Rob makes it free.


Beware of Dog.  This isn't the only broken down machine on this road!


Notice Steve's plate.


If anyone sees this license plate on the road, please return to Rob's shop.


Nice hill climb, look at the center section.






All packed and ready to go!  It's daylight, the following day, and the ride is over!