DSride Three on the Third Nov 2007




















Layne arriving at the shop, the weather started off a bit foggy and chilly in the morning but cleared up later in the day.









Layne sitting down enjoying the muffins, burritos, bananas, and good strong coffee.










Rob, Katrina and Layne had left the shop, gassed up and were on their way when Katrina noticed Rob's rear tire looked a little low.  Best to make sure now then to change or repair it on the road.






Do you see any air bubbles?  Katrina saved Rob's life that morning.  Thankfully there were no leaks found.











On their way, Katrina and Layne coming around the corner.











Rob enjoying the road all to himself.












Deep gravel acts like marvels at the start of this trail head.











This is going to be good!












What a view!

















































Layne heading down a small rutted out section.




















Rob traversing the same section as above.





















Small break time for our riders to gear up and get serious, cool off, and get hydrated for whatever lies ahead.









Rob climbs up the slab of rock.












Rob is victorious!













Our adventurers cross paths with a gentlemen exploring the area with his quad in tow.  Rob points the way out on a map and our new friend is along his marry way.




















Katrina leading, found Bob - a nice man who managed to case his truck  and got it stuck on the frame.










Rob had a great idea to jack up the suspension, put rocks under the over-extended tire, therefore lifting the truck and giving us traction to get it out of the hole.




















Of course it worked!












Bob and Katrina.

















 After a short break, our rider's are on their way - Katrina going along the trail.


 Layne was ahead at a fork, Rob was behind packing up his camera from taking pictures.....when.....






He came upon Katrina having a nice rest along the side of the road.  She was coming around the corner when she hit another gentlemen heading the opposate way.  They asked her if she was ok..and left her like this.





We gathered outselves and headed for a much needed break and Lunch at the Big Creek General Store.










While stopping for lunch Rob noticed Layne's kickstand was dangeling and that perhaps a bolt was loose - ineed it was.  While Katrina and Rob ordered up lunch, Layne tightened everything up and made some adjustments to the shift lever.

















Rob, Katrina and Layne got the Cream Puff up on the crate and proceeded to straighten out the front forks that got tweaked from the accident.








Rob gives it a test ride and the owner confirms, everything is alighned.




















Back on the road our treo moves on.












A glimpse of Mount Tom Lookout.












Katrina and Layne.

























Katrina checks with Rob.












Layne and Katrina starting to climb.













It's 5:45 and the gate is closed.  Nothing to do but turn around and go back.










Rob's KLR on the sandy road, it's starting to get dark.





















































Dinner at the Lakeshore Resort near Huntington Lake.  Rob, Katrina and Layne warm up near the fire place at the best seat in the house.








The bread was fresh.













Layne's dinner.












Rob's dinner.













Katrina's dinner.










After dinner our rider's thought about getting a cabin, after a dinner and a very very short ride, Katrina parks her DR like so..and checks out the cabin.  It had been decided that it wasn't that late, and the cold crisp air invigorated our riders so much that they wanted to make the short trek home.