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Fresno Dual Sport 

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We are working on times and group meeting locations check back often ideas welcome Email  dsriders@gmail.com 

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Down the road... Summer 2011 Orville Ca. area?    

Explore all around?? 

Ideas welcome The adventure continues..... More to come as the plans are hammered out.
meeting place 7:30am

4774 East Carmen Avenue Fresno Ca. 93703

Near Chestnut & McKinley

All welcome. And maybe sneak some small rides in between,    



Rubicon 2009 thread=  http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=463889


  Pozo 2009       Margie's Diner-San Luis Obispo    Ride link  Get directions


Tarmacter's B-day ride report

3/21/09 Well we had our work cut out for us keeping Tarmacter in the dark for his surprise b-day at Bass Lake We had a great time We had 2 riders disappear so down to 5 riders and 20+ family & friends waiting at Bass Lake for the b-day BBQ. One got a flat onet had bent shifter & one had no spark & there was a slip & a bent shifter & clutch lever only the nine fifty came out clean. We had a blast Thanks everyone great riding great food & people. 

Tarmacter's B-day 3/21/09 Jose Basin Bass Lake Above & below

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 ride Pozo Feb 9-11th 2008. riding from Fresno to San luis Obispo Ca. after we have breakfast together. We have a local experienced rider to show us around Pozo and other local coast riding areas. We have a place to stay in SLO FREE floor space (Carpeted) for several people first come first serve. Let us know. There are some really nice places to stay in the local area also for $$. On Sunday we will meet up with more riders have breakfast and then off to some more great riding.

Time line 2/9/08 7:30am breakfast begins leave Fresno approx 9am in SLO  approx lunch lime do not set your watch by us. Approx meeting area in SLO. Madonna Rd & Los Osos Valley Rd.   





                        (Above) Layne on the X Xing the creek very nice Dec 1st 2007

                                            Ride cherry Gap Dec 1st 2007





(Above) Our ride 11/3/07 Dinner Huntington lake California

(Below) Our October 20th 2007 ride 


More DSrides 




Left. Raymond below. Lunch on our July 14th ride

 Lunch at Mono Hot Springs July 14 2007  

Tom What Skill! Where we all need all the help we can get Highside Tom rides a Street bike. Call Yamaha and have them add this to there Dual Sport line.

Very impressive. 


 Above April 7th 2007  

Below links to some past rides


Dsrider  Trip Feb 2007 DSriders in the snow 

DSrider March 18 No Snow Trip   

Trip March 25 2007  

 April 7 07 Snow &Go

 Men from Boys April 22 2007  





    http://picasaweb.google.com/dsriders/Dsride12608WinterRideUnofficialStillVeryFun/photo?    authkey=lMFBCXMfMFU#s5160295238529431314

Unoffical Major snow run 2 2 08 Below













Central California's  Dual Sport Club



Riding all over the place

Plans are on the table for another great adventure!

Where are we going, who will ride, where will we eat? Are you ready to ride? Let's Go!!!! Click on the above link for the  ride reports.