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April 22nd 07 Men From Boys Trip

we are actively exploring the entire world, starting with the Central Sierras

April 7 2007 Ride report Below.

Thank you for visiting us, we are having alot of fun enjoying the outdoors in a way few ever get to...............

DSriders started just a short time ago to fill a need here in the Central Valley of California, where some of the best dual sport riding is to be had. We wanted to create a forum where guys(& girls?) just like us could get together. So far we have been on some really fun adventures, all over the Sierras and we have barely knicked the surface of what is up there. We ride to the ride, that is the ride. Getting guys together from a variety of life situations and backgrounds while riding through unknown areas seems almost spiritual, if anything at times surreal. Have you ever seen a movie where they are traveling through some neat scenery and the camera goes into slow motion and some cheesy music is in the background? The best example of is,  The Man From Snowy River, all the guys are sitting at the top of the hill, the outlaw gang of horses (brombies) has just escaped down a seemingly impassible hill, up comes young Snowy River Boy and over the hill he goes while the camera slows the music plays and all of the other riders watch in amazement. Just maybe , you will have your chance someday as we all sit at the bottom of some rut infested grade wondering if we should go, and you without a word go blasting up it, and we have no choice but to follow. You may not bring home a bunch of horses to start your own ranch with, and your wife or girlfriend won't be waiting in the driveway to congatulate you, but you will know. No Viagra needed for us. Your Cialis awaits in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada's.

If you don't have a bike, get one

If you don't know where to get one, check with Rob or Steve and they will help you find the right bike at the right price.

You dont have to spend alot of money to get going, but once you get going........


 DSride April 7 2007 All Bikes Clean(Not Rob's)


 Fig Garden Village 0730hours 8:30 FOR SOME STRAGLERS (Rob & Tom) For punishment we took robs riding gear & made him ride barefoot in his undys & Highside we melted his new jacket & pants on his hot exhaust!!! (we don't like people late) Greg was so upset He threw his nice helmet in a mud puddle. strange?  We had 6 riders Vince on super nice 05 KLR650, Greg on 06 KLR650 (kinda nice), Steve on 06 R1200GS,  Highside Tom ON Husaberg 550FE (plated dirt bike), Rob on KLR650 (beat)  Tom on 06 KTM950 (with some new tires)  First stop we got fuel in Prather. Enough talk pics now.            

             Goat trail


                      True happiness



              Tom flying

                                              Has Highside Tom been here?

 Vince is the only guy who did't crash                             he was out of site several times so if he did'nt cofess well its on him....

 Don't be late I feel sorry for that late stragler they took his riding gear (punishment for being late) & made him ride like that  & when he complained they said you are lucky to have your bike. Up the revine there was the faint sound of banjo music It kinda sounded like the soundtrack from the movie Deliverance (1972)   



 (above) Steve coming threw open gate looking closer at pics gate was still locked & had been unbolted from the hinge side that was nice of the rangers to do (did they loose the keys?)









                  (right) KTM Tom crossing    

                  Redinger lake on our way

                 to Bass Lake for lunch.





Ducey's on the lake we had lunch

with good views












After lunch. Another adventure awaits...



                   KTM Tom on single 07



Steve & Tom making good time                                                    


 Tom taking a resting up for for our upcoming snow run. 


 Next our snow run. Can we put a snow plow on Steve's GS pig? Someone somewhere must have done it.  

Yea snow!




If you could see closer to KTM Tom's head (with a powerful microscope)  there is a whole snowman world! This may seem hard to believe. We just happen to have run into scientist doing a study of the endangered North American Snowman. So top secret that they had to erase our memory so some of the riders may have no memory or even deny all this but it is True! I took pics of microscope image when they were strugling to erase big steve's memory. I guess the plates in my head from the accident sheilded my memory & I found these pics on my camra & I remember It. To prove it the snow person below name was April Spring Snow, Seriously you can go back up there and ask him (if the snow has not melted)    



 No baby snow people were hurt on this ride. (only Highside Tom see way above)






Millions of snow familys going for ride on KTM 












Hey Layne no kick stand needed


OK here...      How did Highside get here? That power can get away from you     


Greg Tom & Vince 







His new name is

"Snowplow Steve" or SPS

(Trencher Steve doesn't sound good)

Yes I know the diff. from trenching & plowing



We had to work at it. This part was a blast   














More to come......(below look at those guys this is were its at!)


 More Snow to come





    Great views from on high Bass lake is way down there (somewhere?)  


Dinner time 


Dinner time












The end?


                       No Steve is just taking a nap after all its only 10pm.

                                    More riding to come.... 

           You ask how long can man ride? We answer.... 

                                     Then off to Fish Camp back roads & ride four more hours

                                                 (past 2am some people have serious issues.) more to come.... 

                                                     little snow people are everywhere!!! are they seeking revenge. I think I see one in the road or is that a shadow from the bike? 

Oh and it gets better in the Chowchilla Mountains & Maraposa. It seems like a dream????!!!! North is South ( I guess you had to be there, I think we were) 



 Good Times(lucky for us no more banjo music)

Ok, the trip was just getting interesting, finished with dinner, Steve took liitle road nap, put on all the extra clothing he had. All the other riders had headed back down the hill. Rob and Steve were not quite done. It was either go to Oakhurst and watch Grindhouse or head up to summit road in Fish Camp to see if they could get through the snow, find the way up and over into the Chowchilla river area? Off they went up the hill decision made.....RIDE. The road was very nice, sort of damp, a few small ruts and well lit up, let the Lightforce be with you (200 watts worth). So they get up to the top of the hill and  are totally disoriented, west looks east and south looks north. The map is no help, Steve is  map challenged and directionally unstable. Rob had the gps working good, but it was saying  to go the wrong way so they did. Turned out the gps new they were turned around. Winding down a beautiful grade, the valley below shined with the lights of? Well any way, coming out onto 49 heading towards oakhurst and looking for a way across not through Oakhurst, Steve spotted a Sheriff and pulled over to ask him where to go. He said to go back towards Mariposa and head down Ben Hur road, great, off they went to Ben Hur road.  Went into Mariposa to air up and re-fuel. The handy Sheriff stopped by to make sure they did not miss the turn, thanked him for the help and headed down Indian Peak road instead, be careful he said, there are no cops patrolling down there,Rob smiled. Off they go down Indian Peaks road, down down down, around around around, does this road go forever? Steve was starting to get a little tired when he noticed he lost sight of Rob, back to find him messing with his light. He gets that fixed and off they go making thier way into the backside of Madera. Traveling down road 600 Steve started to get a funny feeling, his eyes were crossing and he was half dreaming and half riding. Rob was behind him and his headlight cast a shadow of Steve and his bike in front, thinking he was casting this shadow on purpose Steve was weaving back and forth trying to avoid himself. So tired Steve was beginning to hallucinate, things were popping up in the road he started dreaming about all kinds odd stuff, while riding.

Steve new they had reached the end, they had ridden enough............

Pulling into Madera and seeing 99 like a barn sour mule Steve headed straigh for home. Full throttle (almost) home in no time safe asleep 2:00am.


What a trip, there were so many elements to this day, goat trail, double track, racing, cruising, rock climbing, snow plowing,crashing, exploring, eating, and best of all, having a group of guys to share the experience with.  just had to get a little cheesy.

Sorry if you missed the ride, come on the next one, one rider at a time, some come, some go. There is so much to tell about, but you starting to bore myself, I can't imagine how you feel.


By the way, there is room for every skill. Every rider rides at thier own pace, we catch up and carry on.

Greg was awsome and really showed some signs of great riding, he plowed through the snow for us in the first patch and showed the way.

Vince reminds one of Tom Hanks in the movie Saving Private Ryan, solid guy, just kept chugging away went every where we did and carefully too.

Tom is pure race full throttle go all the time, we raced a little through a nice dirt section and he almost got to see yellow plastic spread accross the road if those ruts had thier way with me, luck pulled us out and we carried on.

KTM Tom and Rob were flying down shut eye peak road and Steve was trying to catch them, how fast can they be going? they were off the bikes waiting for him at the end, could not catch them, maybe next time.