Shuteye lookout Dsride August 11th 2007

Dave Jeff Andrew Danny Layne Tim Steve & Rob We meet the rest at Central Camp

We had a great time lots af adventure and some misadventures. Several fuel stops 185 miles a very late lunch or early dinner good food. One motor seized, one frame cracked, one man lost. Lots of smiles and great riding amazing views from atop the lookout

 Good times   

 Thank you Karen Smith From Monterey Ca Your the Best photographer we had at Starbucks that met our strict credentials.


 Look at the range of tires Steve is holding up something?





 That is Dave above with custom rear pannier. Nice, Its about getting it done. We like this.


 Above Powerman in the lead Danny hot on his tail and Dave not far behind in the twisties.

















 Above Tim on BMW


 Steve with Jeff hot on him

 Take a close look above this was the last sighting anyone ever saw of "Super Dave" Their has been unconfirmed rumors he had a lot of food in that blue and white cooler on the back of his bike and may have been attacked by wild animals. Below not even a Cheetah could catch Tim    






Time to leave the tarmac




 This is the search party gathered together. We all stood there and talked of Dave and then realized it was too much work  to look for Super Dave and did not sound like fun. This lasted about 3 1/2 minutes   


We did see some mad cows or cowboys, really mad.


 Turn off to look out.




 Above Danny and below Layne nice skid plate



 Above Dave trying to control the power and keep the front end down for more control? Hey did you know your helmet matches the bike is that the factory one? Nice. 


 The Shuteye base camp


 Steve going up this is steep and slippery  



 below there is a bike in pic look close 


 Above Layne below Danny major Gs clutch killer.





 Layne above and below











 Now that is some physical therapy 


















 Shuteye Fire look out command central








 Father and son


 More too come.....