Dsride August 25  2007

Dillon, Tom, Layne, Steve and Rob started off their great Saturday morning by meeting at the standard spot, at the standard time.  Stomachs all full and heads hopped up on caffine we sped forward unto the adventure ahead.  We made a quick stop at the standard gas station, topped off fuel and made sure tire pressure was set for the small amount of tarmac we'd be traveling.

At a good distance away from our starting point, Tom, Dillon and Layne figured it would be best to top off their small tanks.  A wise old saying goes, "Never pass the opportunity to fill up on gas."  With everything in life being relative, this advice didn't apply to Steve or Rob with their KLR and GS respctive tanks.






Tarmac was a necessity, we figured why not make it interesting?!!  There was no getting around leaving Fresno on the 41 north this time around and took a nice off the beaten path road to get around the traffice and spice things up a bit:  Road 209.






Group A Tom taking the corner with style.









After more t han the desired pavement riding, things got a little interesting as we got small little glimpses of what things were to come.









Tom again showing how to get things done with style.  The road starts to break up a bit and we now know that we're in for a treat!











We had a zen moment through the rock garden.  Everything was aligned in the universe.  Everyone chose their paths wisely.








Warning!!  Road may be steeper than appears.











Steve shows the Hussy how the big boys get it done up the rock garden, over the hills, through the woods and to Balinda's house we go....







5 out of 5 DSRIDERS agree that dirt is more fun than street.  If we did nicknames in our fun little group Dillon would be dubbed 'The Baron" for sure, nice dirtstache!!!!









After a quick water break we decide to hit the road again.  Things were going well, real well.

Shortly thereafter, we were reminded of lesson number #302 in off road group riding:  If one comes to an Intersection, Crossing, Y, Fork, etc in the road, wait.






Steve scouted to the right to see if he could catch up or find Tom and Dillon.  Meanwhile Rob and Layed stayed at the Y in order to catch the guys if they doubled back.









After master tracker Steve determines that they went Left, determined and evidenced by the horse hoof print, and after having waited for what seemed to be a fair and just amount of time.





We didn't spend our time just fiddeling around shooting the breeze, we looked, and hard.  Layne thought he could see Tom's trademark yellow Hussy just over the hill but Rob and Steve couldn't confirm.  We were left no other choice than to follow rule #227 and head to the next meeting place after having exausted every other possible option:  Lunch.





From left to right, Rob, Layne and Steve enjoy a lunch in a lifetime.  No lunch had ever been so interesting, and after eating up the place, no other lunch will ever be the same. 

It is the kind of lunch that will go down in history.








Rob ended up with the best plate.  Steve and Layne drooled with envy.









Steve wished the cookie was a little bigger, but otherwise this confectional masterpiece was delicous and supplied the 3 riders with enough sugar to carry them through the day.






After finishing up Steve, Rob and Layne head outside to gather up their belongings and figure out what to do about then missing two.

Sure enough Tom and Dillon ride up.  They had a blast on their trail ride and enjoyed a nice sandwhich and drink down the road a bit at a local quick stop.






From here on out things got a little blurry.  There is tale of an old 70's Toyota telling the DSRIDERS of a nice trail ahead, one that has been enjoyed since the begining of time itself.








One thing was known for sure, the scenery was beautiful. 

The group ended up getting split up again, both sides waited but this time there was no happy ending.  Rob and Layned headed back to Fresno off the beaten path.








Steve and Tom where too fast to catch and headed up the mountain to Star lake. 








Rob and Layne never got to see what path lies ahead.









As with most rides, the DSRIDERS get in after dark; everyone got back to town safely and tucked into bed.