Like always we had a great time when it comes to riding and we even had a rocky start. Two staging areas

The GS final drive made some crunching noise  With some quick swapping to the new beautiful DR650 after some work on it  and Faithful Layne showing up we were off at 10am 

GS is out DR in There is a new Love 

Some quick swap & mods and we are ready to go. We stick together

  We are ready Dave takes one for the team. The  DR650 is ready  

  Layne and Rob find some orange Clothes Cal trans???

 More Cal trans stuff... strange? 

 Even more Cal trans litter?


 Below Smooth Layne is floating by. Take a close look at his rear tire!  

 Above: Layne on sweet x. Below Tom carving through soft track


 Very soft and steep take a close look at fender to tire

 Soft and steep 


  Below Layne in woods




Steve and Tom enjoying no snow here. see our tracks below from our April 7th snow run. 


This is what is left of the former Snow people and there impassable snow drift They have migrated to cooler climate deep into the earth


 We made it to the top this time 

 above: Tom taking it in

 Steve & Layne 



 The turns are very tight decreasing radius turns

 Below What is this pic?  Some times the camera gos off


 Lunch Bass lake Ca

 After lunch & Fuel....Layne had an app. in town he left.


 Road wash out! Let's play Steve enjoying himself.


 Steve and Tom doing some Motorcycle dance above & below




 Up to the high country










Above Tom below Rob left in the dust


 Nice trail

Below looking SW







 Above look close to see the road.






Adventure awaits around the corner. 







 Rock slide


We are riding along the side of a beautiful sierra mountain Wow What can be said? Take it in, Take a deep breath of Fresh mountain freedom.

Enjoy life 
























Steve and Tom working the bikes
























































More to come Check back