Destroy Survive Rebuild Battlefield Recruitment Center


Hello and welcome to DESTROY SURVIVE REBUILD or DSR for short. .
 Please take a moment to fill out applacation linked in the side bar above also i'll just ask that a few guidelines be followed which can be found on the expectations page in the navagation plane or at the join DSR form. Also i'll need you to submitt your PSN gamer tag on our form (link in side bar or below) or contact me at PSN gamer tag Darkside1227.


DESTROY enemy vehicles immediately, to include our own vehicles if they are close to being destroyed i.e. we don’t want the enemy finding our tanks and repairing them then pumbling us with them. Also completly level the most common buildings used to hide or for cover that the enemy will most likely run to.

SURIVIVE by using MOB/SWARM tactics. we will mass together through coordanation and over whelm our adversaries.

REBUILD our ranks by supply drops and basic combat support while denying our ememys the chance to do the same. in short KILL KILL KILL, and SUPPLY, SUPPLY, SUPPLY. Have FUN!, repeat.

DSR is all about having fun while providing a great experence you it's members through logical and team based operations. if we can stick together there is nothing we can over come. in the future as the Clan grows we will hold privete games where any thing goes and i hope we can make a name for our selves when we are not blowing off steam.

If you’re interested please leave you gamer tag for PSN on the form by clicking -->JOIN DSR NOW! read the expectations post then post your PSN Gamer tag by "start a new post" found near the top of the form, or contact me via PSN gamer tag Darkside1227 & SNAKESKIN2108 and I’ll be sure to add you to my friends list with a message. DSR will be in the subject and farther minor instructions will follow (i.e. time to meet online and over the course of one week we'll ask that you play with each member of the board and then a vote will be held.).

thank you for your time and have fun

~Darkside1227 & SNAKESKIN2108

DSR clan founders


please make your self at home and enjoy the recruitment center.
Join us as we lay waiste to the Battlefield
1. To HAVE FUN! and play together in one of the best FPS games yet.
2. to be the best clan on PSN playing BF4 and other FPS titles
3. this will be a place of compainionship and knowledge.
4. have some more fun.
to learn more about DSR please read the information in the plane to the left.
and remember we want you as a new recruit.
Also check out the verious links around the site by using the DSR Main Navigation plane to your upper extreme left.
Members can now have their Photos and Videos up loaded to the site please post media to the others/ random thoughts board on the Clan form.