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The DSRA Lending Library began in January of 1999. Here are the titles presently available. DSRA is pleased to provide this service and hopes you will find these titles useful in your present positions as well as your general professional development. Please contact Tina Huff with library questions.
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TitleAuthor(s)Teaching/Learning Area
TitleAuthor(s)Teaching/Learning Area
Teaching and Assessing Phonics: Why, What, When, How Jeanne S. Chall & Helen M. Popp Phonics 
Teaching Word Recognition, Spelling and Vocabulary  (Strategies from The Reading Teacher) Phonics 
Invitation to Read: More Children's Literature in the Reading Program Bernice E. Cullinan Elementary Grade Reading 
Literature-Based Reading Activities  Hallie Kay Yopp & Helen Ruth Yopp Elementary Grade Reading 
Worm Painting & 44 More Hands-On Language Arts Activities for the Primary Grades  E. Jo Ann Belk & Richard A. Thompson (2001) pp. 121 International Reading Association  Elementary Grade Reading 
Comprehension Strategies for Middle Grade Learners; A Handbook for Content Area Teachers Charlotte Rose Sadler Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Practical Approaches for Teaching and Writing in Middle Schools  Teresa M. Morretta and Michelle Ambrosini Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Developing Reading -Writing Connections  (Strategies From The Reading Teacher) Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Kids Insight: Reconsidering How to Meet the Literacy Needs of All Students Deborah R. Dillon Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Prereading Activities for Content Area Reading and Learning John Readence, David Moore and Robert Rickelman Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Teaching Reading with Literature: Case Studies to Action Plans  Gail Tompkins and Lea Mc Gee Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Looking Through the Faraway End : Creating a Literature-Based Reading Curriculum with Second Grade Lee Galda, Shane Rayburn, and Lisa Cross Stanzi Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Leveling Books K-6: Matching Readers to Text  Brenda Weaver Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Celebrating Children’s Choices: 25 Years of Children’s Favorite Books  Arden DeVries Post Reading Across the Grade Levels 
Teaching Writing: Balancing Process and Product Gail E. Tompkins Teaching Writing 
Going Bohemian: Activities That Engage Adolescents in the Art of writing Well  Lawrence Baines and Anthony Kunkel, Editors Teaching Writing 
Perspectives on Writing: Research, Theory, and Practice  Roselmina Indrisano and James Squire, Editors Teaching Writing 
On Writing Well: An informal guide to writing nonfiction (3rd edition) William Zinsser  Teaching Writing 
Writing Instruction in the Intermediate Grades: What is Said, What is Done, What is Understood Robin Bright  Teaching Writing 
Small Groups in Writing Workshops: Invitations to a Writer's Life  Robert Brooke, Ruth Mirtz, and Rick Evans  Teaching Writing 
Creating a Classroom Newspaper  Kathleen Buss and Leslie Mc Clain-Ruelle, Editors  Teaching Writing 
Literacy, HOME, and School: Research and Practice in Teaching Literacy with Parents  Peter Hannon  Parents & Reading 
Young Adult Literature in the Classroom: Reading It, Teaching It, Loving It  Joan Elliot and Mary Dupuis, Editors  Upper Grades 
Teaching Shakespeare Today  James E. Davis & Ronald E. Salmone, Editors Upper Grades 
Your Reading: A Booklist for Junior High and Middle School  C. Anne Webb & the Committee on the Junior High and Middle School Booklist  Upper Grades 
Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning, 2nd edition  Doug Buehl Upper Grades 
Authentic Reading Assessment: Practices and Possibilities  Sheila Valencia, Elfrieda Hiebert, And Peter Afflerbach, Editors  Assessment 
Literacy Assessment: A Collection of Articles from the Australian Literacy Educators' Association Heather Fehring, Editor  Assessment 
Practical Steps for Informing Literacy Instruction: A Diagnostic Decision-Making Model  Michael Kirby  Miscellaneous 
Promoting Reading in Developing Countries  Vincent Greaney, Editor Miscellaneous 
Critical Literacy, A Collection of Articles from the Australian Literacy Educators' Association  Heather Fehering and Pam Green, Editors  Miscellaneous 
Exploring Values Through Literature, Multimedia, and literacy Events  Patricia Schmidt, Ann Pailliotet, Editors  Miscellaneous 
Reading Researchers in Search of Common Ground  Rona Flippo, Editor  Miscellaneous 
Voices of the Other, Understandings Emerging From the Controversy (from The Reading Teacher) Miscellaneous 
International Reading Association Position on Title I Reauthorization, 10 Policy Recommendation  Miscellaneous 
Showing 35 items