Delaware Diamonds

The purpose of this award program:
  • to encourage young readers in Delaware to become better acquainted with quality literature
  • to expose students to recent books
  • to honor favorite books and authors
  • to broaden students’ awareness of literature as a lifelong pleasure

Students will be asked to vote for their favorite book from a list of titles. In order to be eligible to vote, a kindergarten, first, or second grade student must read or listen to 8 of the 12 nominated books. A third through twelfth grade student must read or listen to 4 of the 10 nominated books.

For questions, contact: Ceci McCormick and Karen Gordon (Elementary)
Kelley Wilson and Megan McCrery (Secondary)
Delaware Diamonds Winning Title for 2020 
  • Gr. 6-12: Short and Skinny,  Mark Tatulli
  • There are no winners for Grades K-2 or Grades 3-5 due to COVID-19
2020 - 2021 Delaware Diamond K-2 Titles 

The Cat Who Lived with Anne Frank        David Lee Miller & Steven Jay Rubin

Even More Lesser Spotted Animals           Martin Brown

Five Minutes                                                  Liz Garton Scanlon & Audrey Vernick

Hawks Kettle, Puffins Wheel                      Susan Vande Griek & Mark Hoffman

Join the No-Plastic Challenge                    Scot Ritchie

Lubna and Pebble                                        Wendy Meddour & Daniel Egneous

Meet Miss Fancy                                           Irene Latham

Poetree                                                           Shauna LaVoy Reynolds

Pug Pals: Two's a Crowd                               Flora Ahn

Some Snow Is...                                             Ellen Yeomans &      Andrea Offermann

Todos Iguales All Equal                                Christy Hale

Warren & Dragon: Scary Sleepover        Ariel Bernstein              

2020 - 2021 Delaware Diamonds Grades 3-5 Titles 

Birdie                                                             Eileen Spinelli

The Bookwanderers                                    Anna James

Carter Reads the Newspaper                    Deborah Hopkinson

Don't Let them Disappear                        Chelsea Clinton

Indian No More                                        Charlene Willing McManis

Superlative Birds                                       Leslie Bullion

The Unstoppable Garrett Morgan         Joan DiCicco

Voice for the Spirit Bears                        Carmen Oliver

The Wind Called My Name                    Mary Louise Sanchez    

Elements of Genius: Nikki Tesla &
the Ferret-Proof Death Ray                    Jess Keating

2020 - 2021 Delaware Diamond Secondary Titles

The Crossover (Graphic Novel)                                Kwame Alexander

Game Changer
                                                         Tommy Greenwald

The Downstairs Girl                                                   Stacey Lee

No Fixed Address                                                      Susin Nielsen

  Guts                                                                           Raina Telgemeier

  Shout                                                                         Laurie Halse Anderson

  Last Voyage of Poe Blythe                                        Ally Condie

  Games of Deception                                                Andrew Maraniss

  Frankly in Love
                                                        David Yoon

  The Girl King                                                           Mimi Yu