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IMSMS (Instant Messaging SMS) is a Windows Mobile software that emulates instant messaging using the SMS service.  It is designed to be fast and easy to track all your incoming and outgoing messages in true Instant Messaging fashion.  Not only can you track messages per individual friend but IMSMS acts like an SMS message management system as well. 


  • Track every and all SMS messages that arrive - IMSMS uses your existing system contact phone book and any messages that arrive will be tracked automatically - either based on a match in your system contact phone book or anonymously
  • IMSMS does not rely on any specific number format - use your existing system contact phone book entries and IMSMS will track messages based on your system contact phone book
  • Receive MMS messages with IMSMS running (does not block MMS) 
  • Archive your chat logs and view them on your desktop 
  • Dynamic Alerts - allows IMSMS to sound an audio alert or visual alert to notify you of incoming messages you haven't viewed
  • Custom editable Preset Text Messages - allows you to send preset messages without having to type it out.  Great for while driving or in business meetings ;)
  • One View Chat log - rather than viewing messages are they come and go in individual chat logs, IMSMS allows you to view all incoming/outgoing messages in one view format.  This alleviates the need to switch friends to view their logs
  • Incoming, Outgoing, Alert notification audio sounds - and the ability to choose your own custom sounds (mp3/wma) 
  • SMS Notification to other applications - IMSMS allows itself to pass the incoming SMS message to other applications that you would like to receive as well while IMSMS is running
  • Auto Display - forces IMSMS to automatically bring itself to display if hidden when incoming messages arrive
  • Auto Start - This Feature allows IMSMS to receive all incoming messages even when IMSMS IS NOT RUNNING.
  • Custom Color options and basic UI customizations
  • Custom "skinning" of the display - make your own IMSMS display! 
  • Editable preset AWAY messaging system - allows you to auto send messages with send control too!
  • Auto Away (when idle)
  • Vibration+Sounds alert feature if preferred over an audible alert 
  • Colored Notification ICONS for both PPC/Smartphones!
  • Call contact from within IMSMS
  • Emoticon support
  • Multi-threaded IMSMS processing engine.