IMSMS - Version Release Notes



Your incoming message may not be captured by IMSMS. To resolve this, ADD the following entries if not found and DELETE ANY ENTRIES that do not appear just like below:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Svc\Sms\Rules (this path may not be present in your particular phone - search for closest match if possible - it should be under the RULES folder)

You SHOULD will see these two KEYS  (folders) entries:


value to add "PostProcess": DWORD:1 (hex)


value to add "PostProcess": DWORD:1 (hex)

ADD TWO KEYS - they should appear like the image below under the RULES FOLDER - as KEYS - you know you have created the KEYS when they appear like "folders" under the RULES folder. DO NOT OMIT the curly braces when creating the KEYS names.  After these two keys are created, right click each key's folder and select DWORD VALUE- to each KEY respectively.

You can download the REGistry entry here - which will install the keys for you - after installation, be sure to delete any other keys and/or {} values listed in that above path - except the two newly created keys: DOWNLOAD REGISTRY KEYS


Regarding Log Archiving: READ ME

December 01, 2007 (12/01/2007)

IMSMS Build Version 1.0.734 (Smartphone/PPC Editions updated):
Revision .734

What's included in Full Version since 1.0.734 (Both PPC/Smartphone Versions):

  • Custom ringtone per contact
  • Send to any phone number or look up individual contact numbers to send to. 
  • CUSTOM display component (uses custom rendering display component) 
  • Auto Set Away - you can now auto set away based on time (in minutes - up to 23hours). 
  • Vibration + Sounds options 
  • Direct CALLING feature - make a phone call from IMSMS 
  • Set language/region code option
  • Select log format display option (Standard/Minimal)
  • Audio Level Adjustments - configure your sound level dynamically
  • Auto Messaging System - Customizable or Built-in
  • Skinnable Display
  • Customized Audio sounds (wma/mp3)
  • One View Mode
  • Messages Instant Update feature
  • Vibration Alert
  • Muting control (separate from system profiles)
  • Multi-colored incoming message icons
  • Auto start capability - captures your mail even when IMSMS is not running
  • SMS Notify - passes incoming mail to other applications
  • Enhanced multi-threaded processing engine
  • Built-in Emoticons support - or use your own emoticons
  • Preset Messages - Customizable or built-in
  • UI color customizations
  • Convenience features to aid in fast texting: Custom contact management and quick add friends list
  • Archive your chat logs and view them on your desktop computer
  • RAW history log - every single message is captured before processing

Note: IMSMS now uses a custom display component - you may build your "skin" templates without limits (of course it's all memory dependant) - you may decorate your display any way you choose to.

(December 01, 2007; 12/01/2007)
IMSMS Build Version 1.0.734 Smartphone/PPC EDITION WM6 Edition):
Revision .734

*** IMPORTANT *** - YOU must ARCHIVE all our chat logs and DELETE THEM ALL before you can use this version (if you have installed any version before 1.0.210 only).


  • (1.0.734): Fixed audio memory streams - previous build did not load the default audio streams properly (as seen in EngError.txt file).  This is fixed. 
  • (1.0.734): Fixed incorrect versioning number - previous build had incorrect build number (should've been 1.0.733 but was shipped as version 1.0.732 instead)
  • (1.0.733): Fixed Send/Receive/Contacts Management issues: Previous versions had optimizations performed on internal code.  However, due to this optimization, some of the critical logic functions were also removed by mistake.  This is now fixed. You should not have any problems adding/removing contacts.  Sending and receiving is back to normal as well.
    (1.0.733): Fixed Clear friends list Dynamic Alerts menu:
    when you select CLEAR FRIENDS LIST from the ACTION->MANAGE->CLEAR FRIENDS LIST; after friends list is cleared, the dynamic alerts menu items are still present (if there are any triggered).  This is fixed.
  • (1.0.732): Fixed Saving data - this version now includes a safety trap so that if your data settings will save regardless of any errors that may be encountered when saving friends list, preset messages, away messages.   
  • (1.0.732): Fixed Loading data - this version will now load your settings regardless if any errors may be encountered while loading your friends list, preset messages, away messages. 
  • (1.0.732): Fixed Quick Add friend - this version will now trap for blank names and/or phone numbers.  If a contact name does not exist, it will either create the name using the phone number or it will not load this friend into your friends list. 
  • (1.0.732): Fixed IMSMS contacts management - revised internal code so that blank names and/or blank numbers will NOT be added 
  • (1.0.732): Fixed default audio not loaded: IMSMS system default sounds were not loaded into memory in version 1.0.730.  This issue is fixed. 
  • (PPC 1.0.732): Fixed small issue with "SELECT ALL" in MANAGE FRIEND menu: when adding new friends by selecting SELECT ALL to add, an error will be generated and IMSMS will complain there's something wrong with your friends list.  This issue is fixed. 
  • (PPC 1.0.732): Fixed small issue when starting up IMSMS: there was an issue with the alert sound adjustment when starting up; IMSMS will load the starting sound level but on certain devices, the volume level exceeds the 0-9 max levels in IMSMS resulting in an error.  This is fixed.
  • Added AUTO STOP for custom music playback/ringtone playback: IMSMS will auto stop any incoming/outgoing/dynamic alert notification audio sound playback after 5 seconds (default) - future revision will include your own timer setting 
  • Revision #3 Dynamic Alerts: Revised internal dynamic alerts code - some users experienced dynamic alerts triggers (the orange/green/red envelope notification icons) when simply switching between friends via the friends list box. This is now fixed.
  • Added custom incoming ringtone: IMSMS now supports custom ringtones (selectable from the contacts menu) - when assigned, IMSMS will auto play the assigned ringtone for the friend who sends you a message.
  • Revised internal database engine: internal revisions - transparent to users
  • Revised Call Friend (function) - IMSMS will now bring up a contacts page for each friend you wish to call via the ACTION->MANAGE->CALL FRIEND menu option.  You can then select a task to perform (call, message, etc.) just like the system contact dialog.
  • Revised Audio playback - on windows mobile 5 devices, certain custom sound options even if selected will NOT playback - IMSMS will result to playing the default synchronous audio sample instead.



  • (Version 1.0.721): Fixed ONE VIEW MODE - when AUTO STARTing IMSMS (with AUTO START on message received enabled in the preferences menu), if ONE VIEW is enabled, auto start does not register the ONE VIEW ICON - however ONE VIEW mode is will still be enabled, you are missing the ONE VIEW ICON displayed.  This is fixed.
  • (Version 1.0.721): Fixed "quick add friend" duplicate entry - when using the "quick add friend" menu option, you can add duplicated friends into your friends list.  This is fixed.
  • (Version 1.0.721): Auto sort friends list after adding contacts
  • Fixed custom incoming sound - when you select an incoming custom sound, it will not play - this issue is fixed.
  • Fixed Clear All Chat Logs - when you clear all chat logs, after all chat logs are cleared, a file explorer window will start up - this issue is fixed.
  • Fixed Threading issue with incoming/outgoing/missed alerts playback - properly thread each sound so that sounds will play asynchronously.
  • Fixed (again) threading issues with sound playback and user interface "stuttering/lag" when sound is played - now your incoming/outgoing/missed alerts sounds should not "stutter" anymore when you receiving incoming messages, send outgoing messages or stutter when playing back dynamic alert notification sound. 
  • Fixed XML truncation issue - this is an internal code fix - transparent to users
  • Fixed Dynamic Alerts when sending messages - when you send a message to a friend; you immediately decide to switch friends and write a new message to the new friend selected, the message you sent to the first friend causes  a dynamic alert to be triggered (orange/green/ or red envelope appears) right after you send a message to the first friend but having switched to the 2nd friend.  This issue is fixed.
  • Fixed Msgs Instant Update - when you enable Msgs Instant Update feature and you switch friends-to a friend that has no chat log available (no conversation with this friend ever existed (or log was deleted), the display does not CLEAR;  Instead the previous chat log that existed will be displayed.  This issue is fixed.
  • Fixed Clear Friends List - when selecting to clear all your friends listed in the friends list, after clearing the list the chat log display is not cleared.  This is fixed. 
  • Added Send To menu option - Located in the ACTION->SEND MESSAGE, you can now select to send to any number you designate or by looking up a contact in your system's phone book.  You can also choose to  log the text message you send - this is only applicable for system contacts book - if you choose to send to a number of your choice, you cannot log the text you send out (in this version you cannot log the message - in future versions you can).  The WHITE ENVELOPE ICON with GREEN ARROW means that you sent a message to a number you specified and the message was not "logged" (will not show up in the chat log/the number you sent the message to will not be saved in your friends list either).
  • Added auto refresh log display - when you switch between the Display Log Format options (Standard/Minimal/etc.), it will auto update your chat log (as long as you have one friend in the friends list and that friend has an existing chat log).
    Notes: If you are viewing your \program files\IMSMS\EngError.txt and within the file contains "XML" error messages, simply delete your chat log(s).  This is due to older chat logs that were not compatible with versions 1.0.210+

Older Builds

(November 12, 2007; 11/12/2007)
Revision .717
*** IMPORTANT *** - YOU must ARCHIVE all our chat logs and DELETE THEM ALL before you can use this version (if you have installed any version before 1.0.210 only).


  • *** MEMORY PERFORMANCE UPDATE *** (Version 1.0.717)
  • Fixed Dynamic Alerts icon notification - the orange/green/red dynamic alert icons would "stack" (normal behaviour is ONE icon either orange/green/red envelope to indicate missed senders.  However, the icons would increase and cease to go away even after you answer a missed message.  This is fixed. 
  • Fixed ONE VIEW CHAT LOG (cannot send) - when One View is enabled, you can send and receive ONE message.  Upon trying to send the NEXT message, the incoming message indicator (on smartphones) do not go away (yellow envelope with orange arrow) and (for both smartphone/ppc) you could not send a message - The message on PPC device would disappear but the message does not get sent.  This issue has been fixed!
  • (1.0.715: Smartphone): Added auto landscape/portrait - for HTCS710 and similar devices with screen changeable screen orientations.
  • Optimized image loaded for custom templates and for emoticons - you may use your own emoticons - see the \My Documents\IMSMS\ folder for emoticons.  You can simply overwrite each named graphic (.gif) with your own emoticon image.  Be sure the name is identical to each emoticon.
  • Optimized color options menu - when you choose chat log background colors, each of the labels for incoming/outgoing fields will also be changed - so you can see the effect matching your chat log color background selection.
  • Fixed spacing in "MINIMAL" format view - previous template did not include a space between the sender's name - which caused the display to look displeasing.
  • Added custom component safety trap - when you start up IMSMS and your device does not have the custom library needed to run IMSMS' custom display component, you will get a warning and IMSMS will exit.
  • Fixed incoming/outgoing sound issues (threading) - the sound would break up when you received incoming message or when you send outgoing messages.   
  • Threading fix - small optimization to custom display component which would cause the UI to hang when loading large chat logs. 
  • Custom IMSMS Display component - finally removed PocketIE functionality - IMSMS does not rely on PocketIE to display the chat logs.  The memory leaks within PocketIE are GONE! 
  • Added Sound & Vibrate option - select from MENU->SETTINGS->PREFERENCES menu option.  You will see a check box to VIBRATE + Sounds.  When you have "Enable incoming/outgoing/missed messages" sounds playback enabled, vibration will also be played at the same time. 
  • Added shortcut in menu - To switch between text entry box and chat log display (so you can scroll your text messages), simply select ACTION then the number '5' or select from the menu: ACTION->Text Entry/Message Log Mode - it will switch between
    the text entry box and the message display (so you can scroll) automatically 
  • Fixed Dynamic Alerts icon issue - on occasion, when receiving incoming messages, the incoming message icon will overwrite the dynamic alert nofication envelope (orange/green/red) icons.
  • (Version 1.0.600) (PPC): Added AUTO AWAY TIME - Select from the ACTION->MANAGE->AWAY->EDIT AWAY MESSAGES menu option.  There is a new feature "Auto Set Away (Minutes)" that allows you to set a time (in minutes) of when IMSMS will automatically set itself away - and respond with a default away message you choose.  AUTO AWAY STARTS the timer the moment when you STOP texting when enabled.   
  • (Version 1.0.600) (PPC/Smartphone (1.0.552)): Added Sound & Vibrate option - select from MENU->SETTINGS->PREFERENCES menu option.  You will see a check box to VIBRATE + Sounds.  When you have "Enable incoming/outgoing/missed messages" sounds playback enabled, vibration will also be played at the same time.
  • (Version 1.0.600) (PPC): Rebuilt custom sound selection dialogs - IMSMS now uses standard PPC file selection dialogs when selecting custom sounds
  • (Version 1.0.551) (Smartphone/PPC): Removed notification icon stack - incoming/outgoing message notification icons (for smartphones) Yellow envelope w/green or w/orange arrows were being stacked (multiple icons appearing).  Revised internal code to remove extra icon nofications.  Now you should see one and only one of each icon - one when receiving incoming messages (yellow icon with orange arrow) and one when sending messages (yellow envelope with green arrow)
  • (Version 1.0.551) (Smartphone/PPC): Internal Threading optimizations - transparent to end user 
  • (Version 1.0.545) (Smartphone/PPC): Added direct calling convenience feature - located in the (ACTION->MANAGE->CALL FRIEND) menu, select a friend from the friends list and you can then instantly call them. 
  • (Version 1.0.545) (Smartphone/PPC):Replaced internal libraries - maintenance update - transparent to users. 
  • (Version 1.0.542) (Smartphone/PPC): Small fix to culture settings - when IMSMS starts up and your culture set is not supported, even though you are able to set a culture, the application will display an error message then exit.  This error message is removed.
  • (Version 1.0.541) (PPC): Small Vibration code change 
  • (Version 1.0.540) (PPC): Added region code setting - when IMSMS starts, it will auto detect your region code.  However, if the region code is not supported, a region code selection window will appear.  Select your
    regional language - then hit SELECT to save.  You do not need to perform this procedure again when starting IMSMS after you have selected a region code.  You can always change your region code at the MENU->SETTINGS->Set Region menu option.  This will change your region (culture settings) immediately and will save the setting every time you make changes. If you select a region that isn't supported, you can try the last region option (at the very last row in the list of region codes): Non-Region specific.  This will allow you to use non-region specific non-cultured settings.  This is for IME's and other language software that localizes your operating system. 
  • (Version 1.0.530): Added "REFRESH LOG DISPLAY" functionality - when you select this menu option (MENU->Chat Logs->Refresh Log Display), the current selected friend's chat log will be reloaded.  This feature is used to aid in refreshing the chat log template.  If you switched from STANDARD VIEW to MINIMAL VIEW, selecting this option will refresh the chat log display instantly.  If you modified your custom skin template,  selecting this option will show what your modifications to the skin template instantly. 
  • (Version 1.0.521) (PPC ONLY) - accidentally disabled sending functionality - re-enabled in 1.0.521 - sorry! 
  • (Version 1.0.520) (PPC ONLY) - (see Help Tutorial for explanation) -Added Vibration code selection - In the MENU->Settings->Set Vibrate Code; A list of vibration code will be listed depending on the number of available codes on your device.  This is trial and error - select a code and see if that code represents the vibration for your device. Keep selecting until a vibration code will work with your device.  Save your settings and your vibration code will also load on next startup. 
  • (Version 1.0.511) Minor update to Culture functionality when starting IMSMS - if your application fails to register the proper culture information, there will be a CultureInfo.txt file written in the same directory IMSMS.exe is installed.  You may send me this file for testing purposes. 
  • (Version 1.0.510) Culture specific issues resolved - readjusted all date/time encoding to output in specific culture set.  When you change your device's regional settings (via the device's control panel (NOT IMSMS), be sure to RESTART IMSMS for this new regional setting to take effect.  Previous builds would crash upon startup - most likely due to the incorrect the way IMSMS handled the culture specific date/time outputs (which caused an unhandled error to crash IMSMS) 
  • (Version 1.0.507) Fix Culture specific issues - a minor adjust made to the encoder to accomodate culture specific date/times - this would cause an unhandled exception error - terminating IMSMS 
  • (Version 1.0.506) Added timezone check - IMSMS requires TIMEZONE functionality - if your network carrier does not support this feature, IMSMS will quit upon start.  There is a possible fix for this, please email me for details. 
  • (Version 1.0.505) Fixed issue when starting IMSMS (globalization exception) - this occurs when you start IMSMS apparently due to an unset value (the language default) is not set when you start up IMSMS causing an internal function to fail resulting in a fatal app crash (IMSMS will not run). 
  • (Version 1.0.505)  UNICODE double encoding issue resolved - previous build included a double encoding of the unicode text resultin in some users seeing ??? characters rather than properly decoded message text.
    NOTE: For IME users - please set your default language to DEFAULT if you are using an IME - I have tested with CEStar and it sends/receives just fine with language set to DEFAULT in IMSMS
  • (Version 1.0.505) Reduced the HELP message box dialog - previous builds for PPC was too long - and users could not read entire help message
  • (Version 1.0.505) Corrected PPC "last send message" - previous build did not save a copy of the last sent message - when you select to resend last text message, no text would be placed in text entry box.

    (Below are Build 1.0.503 fixes):
  • Custom Skin rendering fix - this is an internal fix for custom skins - recoded some internal functionality of how custom skins are rendered - some users are reporting strange errors occurring and some users are reporting another application other than pocketIE is rendering the custom skin display. 
  • Added default language setting - this is used for IME (input method editor's) - if you have some IME installed - you may want to set your language - otherwise LEAVE as DEFAULT - which will use your device's default language set.  IMPORTANT: DO NOT CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE SET - Leave as DEFAULT unless you are using an IME (if you don't know what an IME is, then leave the language as DEFAULT)
  •  Added option to set chat log display format - aside from having the option to use a custom skin to display the chat log text messages, you can now set the display format to STANDARD or MINIMAL (from the MENU->Chat Logs->Choose Log Display Format) option format.  Setting option to
    MINIMAL will leave you a very simple display of the text messages - while STANDARD will give you a better formatted view of the chat log text message display. 
  • Minor fix to the standard/minimal formatting - build .500 was missing deleted HTML text that was needed to render the chat log display.
  • Added #IMSMS_IMAGE_BASE_HREF# new internal tag for custom skins.  Append this tag in front of all images you wish to load when building your custom templates: example: <img src=#IMSMS_IMAGE_BASE_HREF#\myImageDirectory\myImage.gif>
  • Fixed sent message icon - when you send a message and your network is down or message does not get sent, the sent message icon remains - this has been fixed

(November 12, 2007; 11/12/2007)
IMSMS Build Version 1.0.461 (Smartphone/PPC EDITION sWM6 Edition):
Revision .461

*** IMPORTANT *** - YOU must ARCHIVE all our chat logs and DELETE THEM ALL before you can use this version (if you have installed any version before 1.0.210 only).

  • (.461 Addendum): Corrected timer issue with notification - pre .461 build would show the notification and no icon would appear - instead you get a notification box that does not go away - this also happens when you receive incoming message.  This has now been corrected.
  • Fixed Archive log error message/fatal crash - when you archive all logs IMSMS will successfully archive your logs - however, when it prompts you to "delete" all current chat logs and you answer YES, after all chat logs are deleted, a fatal error message will appear - causing IMSMS to crash - this issue has been resolved.
  • Updated custom skin template - "TAN" skin is the new replacement for the custom skin template IMSMS ships with
  • Added send/receive message notification icons - you will see an envelope icon with a green arrow indicating message sending; you will see an envelope with an orange arrow indicating message is receiving.
  • Optimized some internal engine values for some minor performance improvements. 
  • Next revision will contain more optimizations
  • "TAN" custom skin is also included in this release.  It overwrites the original custom skin provided in pre-1.0.460 builds.  It is located in your \My Documents\IMSMS\SKINS\skin.htm

Known issues: When you switch friends quickly, the chat display will refresh automatically - if the rate of switching between friend (chat logs) too great, dynamic alerts will be triggered falsely - this is due to the synchronization between displaying the chat log and the friends list - This minor issue will be addressed in the future release - this does not affect sending/receiving messages - and is a minor occurance when intentionally switching users too quickly.  


(November 10, 2007; 11/10/2007)
Release Notes Build (1.0.455):

  • Changed UI - standard default template for UI is now used - To see default colors (if you have previously saved your color settings, simply to to the MENU->SETTINGS->Color Options menu, and select Load Default Colors This will create the NEW color templates for you.
  • Optimizations for core rendering engine - you will see lightly less memory usage
  • Next release is a PERFORMANCE UPDATE - this will optimize IMSMS' memory usages. Currently using ~2MB-5MB 
  • Version 1.0.451 additional fix to text entry and SMS Character count after sending a text message - now the SMS character count screen updates and you can now enter text after you send a message.  Previous versions would not focus the text entry area causing you to have to select the text entry area in order to type a message after sending one.  The sms character count also did not update properly.
  • Version 1.0.455 additional fix - Fix ONE VIEW mode - when enabled with the new built-in template design, One View chat log will fail to be displayed - due to file not existing (if one was never created before).  This issue has been fixed in 1.0.455

(November 9, 2007; 11/9/2007)
Release Notes Build (1.0.410 - for Smartphone/PPC Editions Only):

  •  Some users experience a separate browser opening up when messages are reviewed - this happens because of an internal call in IMSMS' core engine that renders the text passing a URI - your default browser may not be PocketIE which IMSMS uses and so your default browser (other than pocketIE ) will intercept the URI and open it instead.  This problem happens whenever you enable custom skinning.  To resolve this issue, simply unmark your 3rd party browser as default browser and reset  pocketIE as your default browser - that is if you are using custom skinning.  If you are not using skinning, the problem is resolved in this revision (there is an internal fix to resolve this issue in this release).
  • Corrected audio level adjustment - previous builds were missing the "Level" indicator word - confusing users because of the standard menu shortcut numbers in front of the audio level numbers.
  • Note: HTC HERMES and others - vibration feature may not vibrate when enabled - this is due to your phone's vibration parameter - IMSMS passes the vibration code but on some HTC devices, the vibration code is different a possible fix for those devices is being investigated. 



(November 9, 2007;11/7/2007)
Release Notes Build (1.0.405 - for Smartphone/PPC Editions Only):

  • Added Alerts Audio Level control - Change the loudness of the notification sounds via the MENU -> Settings -> Alerts Audio Level; Value of ZERO (0) is softest, value of (9) is LOUDEST
  • Minor optimizations to core engine - this is transparent to end users.

(November 8, 2007; 11/8/2007)
Release Notes Build (1.0.402) (ADDENDUM):

  • Added Auto Away Messaging system - AKA AUTOBOT feature! IMSMS now has the ability to customize away messages - and IMSMS can allow you to send an away message only once or unlimited number of times someone sends you a message and you have AWAY mode ON!
  • Fixed data setting problems (brought to my attention by users who could not disable SMS NOTIFY or AUTO START - because there was old deprecated code still included in even the most recent release builds. This issue is now FOREVER RESOLVED.
  • Data corruption for PPC users only - this revision will repair the corrupted settings file - it may erase your current settings - if so, rebuild your settings - OR send me your data.dat file (located in the \My Documents\IMSMS\data.dat and I will fix it and resend it back to you (so you don't have to go through the trouble of redoing your friends list/color settings, etc.)
  • Adjusted minor issue with UI component positioning - affects smartphone users (when you hit up, it goes to the text input area - when you hit the down key, it goes to the friends list.) It should be when you hit up on your navigation key, it selects the friends list; when you hit down, it selects the text entry. It is now fixed in 1.0.401
  • Fixed Disabling sounds will still be played when a custom sound file is assigned - Now when you have enable sounds disabled, no sounds will play
    * Note: Vibrate ONLY will play vibration for both incoming, outgoing and alert notifications by default!

Release Notes Build (1.0.300):
(applies ONLY if you have installed and used any version before 1.0.210).

  • SMARTPHONE UI Adjustments (very clean)
  • PPC UI adjustments! (very clean)
  • PPC Dynamic Notifications! (color coded Alert Icons) - CLICK functionality is in next release (when you click on the colored icon, a list of missed senders (dynamic alerts) will be show. When you click on the sender's name, nothing will happen - UNTIL next release!
  • Fixed Dynamic Alerts/Notification Alerts - when starting IMSMS without any friends loaded; You choose to add friends from the manage friends OR "quick add friend" menu; you load the friends into the list; when a message arrives, Dynamic/Normal Alert is not shown and the respective chat log does not appear. This is fixed in both Smartphone and PPC editions.
  • Added new feature: Skinning! - See online help tutorial!
  • Added One View mode (convenience feature): when you send outgoing messages in ONE VIEW mode, the name of the friend you sent the text to will appear in the ONE VIEW chat log next to your name (Me): (Johnson, Jacksun) Hi there!
  • Adjusted UI size - smaller friends list font size, smaller text input entry area, to give way for larger chat log viewing * Added new ring tone when incoming messages arrive and you have proper friend already selected - but IMSMS is hidden in background, additional ringtone will be played (if enabled).
  • Internal AUTOBOT functionality is being tested in this version (not enabled yet)...
  • Internal Dynamic Group Send is being tested in this version (not enabled yet)...
  • Still investigating some minor issues with Unicode text - I am still working on reported claims of Chinese simplified fonts not working. Also note that there is no language support for your PPC/Smartphone unless your phone operates using the same code page as the incoming text messages. That means you cannot expect to read Chinese if your phone does not support the Chinese encoding.

Release Notes Build (1.0.220):
(*)Fixed Dynamic Alerts - DEADLOCKing issue - In previous builds, the Dynamic Alerts did not function when you rapidly switched friends (from the list box). This would break the Dynamic Alerts due to an internal multi-thread deadlock issue. The issue is resolved in this latest build

(Smartphone only) Added Notification color icons - THREE (3) color icons to represent the previous ALERT NOTIFICATION message (when you receive new incoming messages, you would see a RED SMS ALERT! (1) followed by the sender count in the parantheses. Now there are notification ICONS to represent your missed messages. ORANGE represents ONE single missed sender. GREEN represents TWO missed senders. RED represents THREE or MORE missed senders. Note: Icons do not show up on Home screen. They show up on ANY AND EVERY other screen when you navigate your phone's menus. This issue is being looked at - it is not a design flaw of IMSMS, but instead a system code library issue. See images below:

(*)Optimized rendering engine - rendered chat logs get produced even faster and more efficiently than in previous builds!

(Smartphone Only) Added One View mode icon - You will see a blue icon with a "1V" symbol - which represents One View Mode is enabled.

(Smartphone Only) Added SMS character count - you will finally get a count of your sms characters in this version for the Smartphone!

(**)Fixed SMS Character count - the counter was counting incorrectly in previous builds - it is now fixed in this release

(*)Added Date/Time quick type - Access the Date and or Time via the ACTION -> Preset Messages -> Send Current Date/Send Current Time - when selected, the current system Date and or time will be placed into your text entry field for quick send.

(*)Fixed custom background colors for SMS Character count - the background color for the PPC sms character length counter would not change when chaning entire UI's background color in the color options menu. It will now change based on the color of the UI background selected.

(**)Fixed "CONFIRM SAVE ON EXIT" feature in the settings menu - an event was not set for the action and you could not save this setting feature in previous builds. It is now fixed and you can check the "CONFIRM SAVE ON EXIT" field in the settings menu and expect it to save properly - This option allows IMSMS to exit without prompting you to "save your settings".

(*)Smartphone/PPC features/fixes
(**)PPC Only fix

November 2, 2007 (11/2/2007)

Release Notes Build (1.0.210 & PPC 1.0.211):
*** IMPORTANT *** - YOU must ARCHIVE all our chat logs and DELETE THEM ALL before you can use this version. IMSMS is always designed to be backwards-compatible with previous revisions - this is the ONLY time you will ever need to perform this procedure due to an update: the core engine is rewritten and this is really necessary. Thank you for your understanding. Perform this simple procedure by going to the MENU->Chat Logs->Archive Logs-> Archive ALL (it will ask you if you want to delete all messages after archiving - answer YES).

* IMSMS Core Engine performance update - the core engine is modified and is even more robust and quicker than ever before.
* Fixed pre-set text message focus - when browsing your chat log, focus is lost when selecting a preset message to send.
* Fixed Unicode issue - affects PRE-1.0.210 builds only
* Vibration feture added for PPC - note: On HTC devices, it should work fine - on other non-HTC devices, it may not work for you. Vibration is OEM dependant - which means the manufacturer of the device can set the parameters.

Release Notes Build (1.0.201) (Affects Smartphone Edtions Only):
* Added new VIBRATION feature - when enabled, a vibration instead of an audio will play - SMARTPHONEs ONLY/ PPC does not support this.
* Fixed MUTE SOUNDS - feature did not "save" properly - internal code revision fix
* Removed "Settings Loaded" confirmation message box - when you startup IMSMS, there will not be a confirmation box confirming your settings were loaded

Release Notes Build (1.0.200):
* Fixed Contacts Management - when add contacts to friends list via the Manage Friends menu; when you SELECT ALL TO ADD, it does not add. This is fixed.
* Fixed Contacts Management - when removing all contacts, fixed internal error exception (this is transparent to user)
* Fixed Threading on send - now can send without "lag"
* Fixed WM5 devices - when windows mobile forced close IMSMS or when exiting IMSMS manually, a fatal crash may occur due to sound library not being available in WM5. This issue is fixed.
* Added new feature: Mute Sounds - when enabled, incoming, outgoing, missed messages sounds and alerts will be silenced.

Release Notes Previous Build (1.0.100):
* Initial Release
* Optimized Options menu - color options should load slightly faster
* IMSMS Engine Error output enabled - the core engine is now enabled to write messages to a log file (see your program files/IMSMS directory)
* Fixed IMSMS exit routines - now will properly dispose of resources
* Error handling added for all XML functions
* Fixed Sound asynchronous playback issues - will now play one sound at a time
* Fixed unicode double encoding - some users who send out mutlibyte characters will see a ? question mark - this issue is now fixed
* Fixed AUTO START - when enabled, IMSMS will auto start itself upon receive of new incoming message(s). It will also display an alert for the new message properly.
* Fixed internal "QUICK ADD" unicode encoding issue
* When setting chat log storage path, be sure to RESTART IMSMS so that the chat logs path will register properly.
* History file added - now ALL messages will be capture in RAW format into a text file. You can view this by selecting the MENU->Chat Logs->History Log
* Added UI background color option
* Added chat log display background color option
* Added option to confirm SAVE upon exit of IMSMS
* Disabled Dynamic Group Send feature (until future update)
* Disabled internal SMS counters (until future update)
* Optimized memory usage (10-15% less memory usage)

Regarding sound profiles - IMSMS is independant of your system sound profiles. Reason being is that is much easier to just shut off the sounds (mute all control option) from IMSMS rather than having to tie IMSMS with the system profiles. At times, you may want to mute IMSMS BUT still have your system profile tailored towards incoming calls, etc. Separating the two is more of a logical design. All audio sounds are controlled via your phone's EARPIECE VOLUME - the control you use to set the in-call volume. Adjusting that will adjust IMSMS' audio sound playback.

Also note, do not use custom audio sound files that are greater than 5 seconds - or you will end up playing them until they end! There's not time control on the audio - so use custom sounds with caution. You can stop the sound playing if you go to the SETTINGS->PREFERENCES->Custom Sounds - check the custom sound option, load up the file listing, in the ACTION MENU -> you will see a STOP function - that will stop the playback of all playing sounds; that is if you accidentally loaded a very long mp3/wma as your audio sound!

AUTO START in IMSMS allows any new incoming text message to auto start IMSMS - even when IMSMS is NOT RUNNING. To allow this feature, you must enable it in the SETTINGS -> PREFERENCES MENU option. You must then SAVE your settings and then SHUT DOWN IMSMS. After shutting IMSMS down, you must RESTART IMSMS. This will turn on the auto start feature. Now you can simply EXIT IMSMS. The next incoming message will auto start IMSMS. To disable this feature, you must have IMSMS running. Go to the SETTINGS -> PREFERENCES MENU and disable the AUTO START option. Save your settings, and then shut down IMSMS. Next, restart IMSMS back up and AUTO START will be cleared.

AUTO DISPLAY feature in IMSMS will automatically bring IMSMS to the foreground if it is hidden. This happens when a new incoming message arrives and IMSMS is hidden. It will not bring itself to display if you have your phone locked. It will auto select the default friend in your friends list when it brings itself to the foreground. Any new messages that is not coming from the selected friend shall be displayed in a notification alert and dynamic alert (Menu->Alerts).

Chat Log Storage Path:
When changing the path to where the chat log files are stored, be sure to RESTART IMSMS in order for the new data path to be set. If you have old chat log files in a directory you wish to have IMSMS load, simply set the chat log path in the MENU->PREFERENCES and RESTART IMSMS. The program will reload all your existing chat log files.

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