IMSMS  Instant Messaging SMS

A DSO Software Production - for your Windows Mobile Devices

What is IMSMS?

IMSMS stands for Instant Messaging SMS - it is a tool that allows your mobile phone to send and receive SMS messages in true traditional INSTANT MESSAGING FASHION.   It will also act as an SMS management system to maintain of all your SMS messsages.  You can then archive and save them in your phone or read them on a desktop computer.  It was originally designed for the HTC 620/Tmobile Dash (a wonderful design of a phone btw!) and is fast and easy to use!  IMSMS is FEATURE RICH - the only application to offer so much - there's nothing like in on the market for Windows Mobile devices!  

Here are a few highlights of what IMSMS can do (see online tutorial for more features):

 Some features IMSMS supports:

  • No numbering formats - all internal phone book contacts supported from the get-go. 
  • Supports "Dynamic Alerts" - (callerID) instant alert notification and instant jumping to the missed messages
  • Supports AUTO START and SMS NOTIFY (which passes a copy of the message to any software) AUTO START will automatically start up IMSMS when messages arrive even if IMSMS is NOT RUNNING
  • Supports color text, audio customizations, and UI background color features
  • Supports SKINNING of the display screen! Make your own custom IMSMS!
  • Supports chat log archiving and allows you to easily copy and view on your desktop - keeps all messages stored so essentially an SMS management service as well!
  • Missed message alert notifications (audio) and will (AUTO DISPLAY) - bring itself to foreground when messages arrive; 
  • Supports full custom ringtones PER contact - each contact can have a distinct custom ringtone.
  • Also supports full MUTE to disable sounds temporarily - totally separate controls from your system sound profiles.
  • Vibration+Sound alert feature if preferred over an audible alert PPC and Smartphone editions
  • Notification ICONS for both PPC/SMARTPHONE Editions!
  • Editable preset messages allow you to send instant messages without having to type it all out
  • Editable preset AWAY messaging system - allows you to auto send messages with send control too!
  • Auto Away (when idle) 
  • Yahoo! emoticon support and custom animated emoticons (make your own)
  • ONE VIEW feature allows all incoming and outgoing messages to be viewed - so you don't have to switch logs to view incoming messages.  
  • Receive MMS messages with IMSMS running (does not block MMS)
  • Call contact from within IMSMS
  • Multi-threaded message processing engine
  • Unicode supported - default send/receive in your device's native language 
  • FREE and always will be FREE 

Go try it see for yourself! 



***Update (1/27/2008): IMSMS development is temporarily put on hold.  Please stay tuned for more updates.  Emails will NOT be replied until further notice.

Online Forums (XDA forums):

XDA Development (IMSMS TOPIC)
XDA (Excalibur/HTCS620/TMobile Dash) Forum

 Available Downloads:


* Coming real soon * Version 1.0 IMSMS Log Viewer (.net 2.0): (Use to view your archived logs)

* Download ORIGINAL AUDIO SOUNDS (These are the first original sounds PRE-1.0)

** PPC edition will be overhauled in versions 1.1+

Check the MD5 Values with this free software (.net2.0 windows x86): (help)

(.ZIP) Downloads:

Requirements: Windows Mobile 5/6 Smartphone/PPC - INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES SUPPORTED!!

Attention:You must archive and DELETE ALL YOUR CHAT LOGS when installing the performance enhanced version of IMSMS - any version BEFORE (Version 1.0.210) ONLY - Any version AFTER 1.0.210 you do not need to perform this procedure (ONLY if you have never installed IMSMS before). This will create new logs from start and ensure everything will function properly. TO archive and delete, use the MENU->Chat Logs->Archive ALL function.

Download (.ZIP) files  Updated 12/01/2007:

Please NOTE: Windows Mobile 5 devices require .net compact framework 2.0 (Windows Mobile 6 devices already have everything needed).  Auto Screen orientation is built into Smartphone Editions as well : Tmobile Wing, HTCS710, and similar devices who can orient their screen from portrait/landscape (these are  SMARTPHONES)

Installation and CAB File Downloads

How to install (GUIDE AVAILABLE):

Download the .zip file above for your phone (smartphone or ppc). Unzip the file and there will be a .cab file. Copy this .cab to your phone and run it (using your explorer, select the file and execute it). It will install on either your phone's memory or a storage card. You select the option. If it complains the file being "UNSIGNED" and refuses to run, download the - run this program first and it will "app unlock" your phone so it will accept non-signed applications.

(.CAB) File Downloads:

Cab file install here: (Windows Mobile 6) Smartphone Edition - Version 1.0.733
Verify MD5:

Cab file install here: (Windows Mobile 6) PPC PRO EDITION - Version 1.0.733

Verify MD5:  B45FB1301F377982DC51C6AD4BDCC929

Cab file install here: (Windows Mobile 6) Motorola Q (9h/m/all) EDITION - Version 1.0.727
Verify MD5:  N/A

Other downloads of interest: (Windows Mobile 6.1) Stop Watch application:
CEStoppWatch - Version 1.0Build 3005




AUTO START in IMSMS allows any new incoming text message to auto start IMSMS - even when IMSMS is NOT RUNNING.  To allow this feature, you must enable it in the SETTINGS -> PREFERENCES MENU option.  You must then SAVE your settings and then SHUT DOWN IMSMS.  After shutting IMSMS down, you must RESTART IMSMS.  This will turn on the auto start feature.  Now you can simply EXIT IMSMS.  The next incoming message will auto start IMSMS.  To disable this feature, you must have IMSMS running.  Go to the SETTINGS -> PREFERENCES MENU and disable the AUTO START option.  Save your settings, and then shut down IMSMS.  Next, restart IMSMS back up and AUTO START will be cleared.  


AUTO DISPLAY feature in IMSMS will automatically bring IMSMS to the foreground if  it is hidden. This happens when a new incoming message arrives and IMSMS is hidden.  It will not bring itself to display if you have your phone locked.  It will auto select the default friend in your friends list when it brings itself to the foreground.  Any new messages that is not coming from the selected friend shall be displayed in a notification alert and dynamic alert (Menu->Alerts).

Chat Log Storage Path:
When changing the path to where the chat log files are stored, be sure to RESTART IMSMS in order for the new data path to be set.  If you have old chat log files in a directory you wish to have IMSMS load, simply set the chat log path in the MENU->PREFERENCES and RESTART IMSMS.  The program will reload all your existing chat log files.


* All of the incoming messages are captured by IMSMS.  There is a new feature called the HISTORY LOG.  Simply access this via the MENU->Chat Logs->View History Log.  This log will contain a history of all incoming messages that is captured by IMSMS before the IMSMS core engine performs any processing.  Rest assured that IMSMS does indeed capture the messages and stores it in this history log file. 


Should also work for the following:
Motorola Q (Mol 2+ update), T-Mobile Dash, T-Mobile Wing, T-Mobile Shadow, HTC S710, HTC Tytn1, HTC Tytn2, and many more.  Email me if you have questions regarding Sprint Mogul (keyboard issues) or other devices you'd like to see IMSMS work on.