IMSMS - Installation Quick Guide

Step 1: 

Download the .CAB installer OR you can choose to download the .ZIP compressed file (which contains the .cab installer file).  For some users, they prefer to download the .cab installer directly from their device.  If you choose the .ZIP compressed file, you will have to copy and extract it on your desktop PC.  Then you can proceed: 

Connect your Smartphone Device or PPC device to your PC.  Upon connecting, ActiveSync manager should be displayed like the one below:


Step 2: 

 Hit the Connect without setting up your device (if this is similar to your screen):

Step 3:

Select "File Management" - then select Browse the contents of your device.  If you have an external storage card available, you will see it in addition to your default device storage location.  Select where you would like to place the ".CAB" file.  I chose my external storage device as a temporary storage for the .cab installer file.

Step 4:

I then drag and drop my .cab file from my PC onto my device's storage.  Pictured above is where I chose to drop the .cab installer.  

Step 5:

Last step is to go into your Smartphone or PPC and select the START MENU, then select the FILE EXPLORER program.  Navigate to the temporary directory where you dropped the .cab installer.  Highlight the .cab file and press ENTER/Middle navigation button.  It will start the IMSMS installer program.