Q&A Table of Contents:

Q:  What is IMSMS?
A:  IMSMS is software that allows you to send and receive your SMS messages in an INSTANT MESSAGING format.  It will track all your incoming and outgoing messages for you as well (sms management system) and IMSMS will also allow you to design your own message display layout (custom skin)

Q:  What do I need to use IMSMS?
A:  You will need a Windows Mobile device that uses Windows Mobile 5 or 6 operating system.  You may also need a program called SDA Application Unlocker (download on main page) when you run IMSMS and there is a message that complains that you cannot run "unsigned" applications.  Simply installing this SDA App Unlocker software first before running IMSMS will resolve the issue.

Q:  Can I still use my MMS program?
A:  YES, IMSMS does not lock you out of your MMS messaging and allows you to use both IMSMS and MMS simulataneously.

Q:  Can IMSMS receive MMS messages?
A:  NO, MMS is completely different from SMS - there is not set protocol for how to receive MMS messages - it is typically specified by your phone manufacturer and is very OEM specific - there's no governed rule to how to send/display MMS messages - therefore each MMS software will have to be custom designed to work with each OEM specifically.

Q:  Do I have to use a specific phone number format?
A:  NO, you do not.  In fact, you do not need to input any phone numbers to receive any messages.  IMSMS will automatically receive messages.  To send messages, just add a new "friend" - there are a few very easy ways to add new friends.

Q:  How do I add new friends?
A:  One way is to use the ACTION->MANAGE->Manage Friends List menu selection.  This will allow you to select from your phone's contact book and add each or all to IMSMS' friends list.  The other way is a "quick" add method - which allows you to select one friend at a time via your phone's "contact list " lookup.  Access this method via the ACTION->MANAGE->Quick Add Friend menu selection.

Q:  How do I send a message to someone I didn't add into my friends list?
A:  Go to the main chat display, then select MENU->Create Normal SMS Message.  Note that this message will NOT be tracked - but you can use your system's SMS composer to create a new SMS to send to anonymous or one-time addresses.

Q:  What languages does IMSMS support?
A:  In short, IMSMS can send/receive in any language your phone device can support.  However the menu's and settings are all written in English.  Do note that you cannot send/receive in Chinese format unless your device can support the Chinese encoding.  Do not expect to send/receive in Chinese if your device's primary default language is Latin.

Q:  How do I send a message in IMSMS?
A:  You may want to check out the video tutorials - the videos will demonstrate for you how to send/receive messages in full detail


Q:  How come I can't see my color options change when I select them in the COLOR OPTIONS menu? 
A:  You can see any color option changes by first ensuring you have a friend added to the friends list - then ensure that there exists a chat log with that friend - you can then see your instant changes by selecting (MENU->CHAT LOGS->REFRESH LOG DISPLAY) - this will reload the chat log template and/or color settings.


Q:  What is Set Vibrate Code and what does it do?
A:  On some PPC devices, the vibration mechanism is only activated by a specific code - this code is set by the OEM and can vary from device to device.  IMSMS allows you to choose a code that your device supports and you will have to go through some "trial and error" - setting each code and checking if it indeed vibrates your device.  When you have found the code that vibrates your device, you can go ahead and save your settings; next time IMSMS loads, it will load up that vibration code as well.  You can also use your existing LED lights instead of the vibration mechanism.  Just choose an alternative vibrate code other than the one that sets your vibration mechanism off. SO if your device uses Vibrate Code 1 to vibrate, select another vibrate code - and see what happens.

Q:  What is archiving?
A:  IMSMS can track all incoming/outgoing messages - "log" files - or chat messages are stored in XML format and can be archived to save space on your device.  After you have archived the message(s), you can then transport them off your device for safe storage and can be later reviewed with IMSMS Log Viewer (download available on main home site). 

Q:  What is this AUTO DISPLAY setting?
A:  AUTO DISPLAY when messages arrive (found under MENU->PREFERENCES) is a setting that allows IMSMS to bring itself from hidden view when new messages arrive.   If you are viewing your start menu and a new message arrives, with this option enabled, IMSMS will show itself.

Q:  What is AUTO START?
A:  AUTO START on Message Received is (found under the MENU-PREFERENCES) - an option that will AUTO START IMSMS when new messages arrive;  When IMSMS IS completely shutdown and not running, by enabling this feature, IMSMS can auto start itself and track your messages.  You must enable this option, SAVE your settings, exit IMSMS, then RESTART IMSMS in order for this feature to be enabled.  It is a startup feature.  To disable, you uncheck the option, SAVE your settings, exit IMSMS, then RESTART IMSMS in order to disable the feature.

Q:  What is SMS Notify other applications?
A:  IMSMS has a "courtesy" option to allow itself to pass a copy of the incoming SMS message to any application that can intercept the message (by default, your system SMS inbox).  Enable this option from the MENU->PREFERENCES.  Check this option to enable, SAVE your settings, exit IMSMS, and then RESTART IMSMS in order for this to be enabled.  To disable, you uncheck the option, SAVE your settings, exit IMSMS, then RESTART IMSMS in order for the feature to be disabled.

Q:  What is Enable One Chat Log View?
A:  In short it is "ONE VIEW MODE".  This allows you to view all incoming/outgoing messages in one standard view - rather than having to switch friends to view individual logs, having this mode enabled will allow all incoming/outgoing messages to be viewed in one display.  See video guide for in depth details.

Q:  What is Enable Msgs Instant Update?
A:  See video guide for full details.

Q:  Where are my log files stored?
A:  By default, all chat logs are stored on your device's "\My Documents\IMSMS\IMSMS_Logs\" directory.  DO NOT STORE ANYTHING ELSE WITHIN THIS DIRECTORY.  To delete the logs, use the built in chat log menu options.  You may choose another destination directory such as your storage memory card - to change the default directory, select the MENU->PREFERENCES.  Then select the ACTION MENU->Change Log Storage Path.  A directory listing will appear - choose the proper directory you wish to use as your standard default directory.  TRAVERSE INTO the directory before you choose the ACTION->SELECT menu item - Verify your selected directory in the very top text box.  Hit DONE when you are finished.  You will have to restart IMSMS in order to register the new data path.

Q:  How do I scroll the chat log display? How do I switch between text entry and the chat log display?
A:  It's easy - on smartphones, press the softkey ACTION, then 5.  Or you may prefer to select the ACTION menu, then selection Text Entry/Message Log Mode - this will alternatively switch between the text entry input and the message log display (so you can scroll the chat log)

Q:  What is Auto Away Messaging system?
A:  See the online  Help Tutorial page for details

Q:  What is the Enable Custom Skin option?

A:  See the online Help Tutorial page for details

Q:  How do I call friend from IMSMS?
A:  Select a friend in your friends list.  After a friend is selected, choose  the ACTION->MANAGE->Call Friend menu option.

Q:  How do I enable CUSTOM emoticons?
A:  Traverse into your device's "\My Documents\IMSMS\ folder.  Listed will be may .GIF files.  These are the standard images IMSMS installer installs in your device.  Simply create an animated GIF image and rename the image to the same image name listed in this directory.  Copy your new animated GIF over to the image listed in the directory and your new emoticon will appear when you have emoticons enabled (in the MENU->PREREFENCES)

Q:  What custom sound format does IMSMS support?
A:  IMSMS supports WMA/MP3/MIDI/WAV - MIDI/WAV files are to be enabled in Version 1.1  - you can use WMA/MP3 sound files currently.  NOTE: do not use sound files longer than 5 seconds - the file plays asynchronously - which means it will play and keep playing until the sound ends.  If you set a 3 minute sound file, you will end up playing the sound for 3 minutes - and repeat this for every incoming/outgoing/alerts sound you set for custom sound! 

Q:  What is this HISTORY LOG file?

A:  By default, IMSMS has a core engine that does all the processing of incoming messages.  However, there may be times when something goes wrong - at least with the core engine - and messages may not get processed - but there is a safety feature - the message will be written to a LOG file located where IMSMS.exe is installed: typically the "Program Files\IMSMS\" directory.  All incoming messages are written out here - you can view this log file via the MENU->Chat Logs->View History Log.  To delete the file, traverse into the storage directory and delete the file manually.

Q:  Why does IMSMS present a "TOP DOWN" design instead of the traditional chat program "BOTTOM UP" design?
A:  IMSMS' design was conceived on an HTC S620 (a fantastic phone design!  GREAT THANKS to HTC!! THE BEST COMPANY!) - Due to the screen orientation (landscape) and the UI design on the phone, the top down approach actually works better.  And IMSMS does not copy any other SMS threaded application on the market - it was designed to be original (but yet still fully functional and logical) and to be very effecient.

Q:  Can I customize the UI in IMSMS?
A:  You can change colors, background colors, etc.  However you cannot move the text input box to the bottom or move any of the onscreen components.  However you can always design your own skin to display the messages.

Q:  Why does my memory go down everytime I get a new message. (NOTE: This is no longer an issue in Versions 1.0.700+) - IMSMS no longer uses PocketIE!)
A:  This is not a memory leak issue - IMSMS will release all your used memory when the program exits.  It is PocketIE that is holding the memory space and not releasing the memory when it has finished loading your template/chat logs.  However, having used memory does not mean your phone is going to run slower - nor does having unused memory mean your device will run FASTER.  Simply, unused memory is wasted memory that is sitting idle in your device anyway - IMSMS will auto close if Windows Mobile decides it needs more memory to run other applications (this is a natural design on Smartphones).  You should enable IMSMS to AUTO START since if it does get forced to shutdown by Windows Mobile OS, it can auto start again when new messages arrive.

Q:  What does the Orange/Green/Red envelope icons mean?
A:  Orange envelope means that you have one incoming SENDER message.  It signals that you have missed ONE SENDER's message(s).  Green means that you have TWO (2) senders' messages that you have missed.  RED means that there are THREE (3) or more sender's sending you messages that you have not view yet.

Q:  What is this Dynamic Alerts?
A:  Please review video guide for more details.  It is accessed via the MENU->ALERTS menu item.  This will automatically be enabled when you have missed sender's messages.  Disabled when all messages are reviewed.  You can instantly jump to any listed SENDER in this Alerts Menu item.

Q:  How come my icons appear everywhere else except the main home screen?
A:  Beats me - just kidding - there is a problem with displaying on the main screen for some reason - a native API is called to display these icons - why it does not appear on the main screen should be asked - but i don't have an answer for you yet ;-) ON PPC platform, they appear fine on the home screen.

Q:  What is the icon with the green arrow pointing to the EAST direction?
A:  When IMSMS is sending your message, a yellow envelope icon with a GREEN arrow pointing RIGHT (EAST) appears.  It just means your message is being sent.

Q:  What is the icon with the orange arrow pointing WEST?
A:  When IMSMS receives an incoming message, a yellow envelope icon with an ORANGE arrow pointing LEFT (WEST) appears.

Q:  How come I can receive messages but I can't send them on my Tmobile Dash?
A:  There's a registry fix for this - see the online Help Tutorial page for details. 

Q:  Can I set the sounds matching my phone's profiles?
A:  The sounds in IMSMS is set apart from your phone's profiles.  The reason being is that sometimes you'd rather shut IMSMS up than to shut off your incoming ring sounds.  Having the sounds separate from your system sound profile is a good thing so that you can control IMSMS without affecting your system profiles.  You can always MUTE ALL in IMSMS or set to vibrate or change the sound level in IMSMS via the MENU->SETTINGS->Alerts Audio Level

Q:  How come I can see the Vibrate Only feature being enabled but when I check it, my device does not vibrate?
A:  On some HTC phones, your vibrate code is different than on other HTC phones.  IMSMS currently will signal the vibration via a code that is set to match a specific code on HTC devices.  However, there may be some device that uses a different code to set vibration - EMAIL me your device's make and model and I will see if I can find out the code for you - in the future releases, a different vibration method will be implemented to account for the different vibration codes from different models.

Q:  How do I enable or disable custom ringtone?

A:  Version 1.0.728 has built in custom ringtone for each friend you select.  You access the ringtone via the system contacts manager (where you assign custom ringtones).  Once you set a ringtone, IMSMS will automatically pick that ringtone.  You do not have to set anything in IMSMS.  To turn off this feature, either unassign the ringtone in your contacts manager or use the MENU-SETTINGS-PREFERENCES option:

Q: Does this work on the Motorola Q? 
A: Some users have report success - however, with some networks, sending a message will result in either some missing characters on the receiving end or will not see the entire message except the first few letters.  

Q: How to uninstall IMSMS?
A: When you install a new version of IMSMS, the installer will ask you if you'd like to remove previous installed version of IMSMS - just answer yes.  Be aware that if you installed IMSMS to your device's memory, files will be created on your device.  If you specified to install on a memory storage card, files will be created on the memory card.  However be aware that if you do not delete the other installed path, you may have two sets of files that will definitely interfere with AUTO START (IMSMS' auto start feature).  You should always install in one designated location - and keep it installed there - if you do decide to install somewhere else, just make sure you don't have orphaned files still remaining.  You can always check the
version of IMSMS using the ACTION->HELP->ABOUT menu.

Q: What is Verify MD5?
A: When you download the .cab or .zip file, there is a digital signature presented to you for your own safety.  Always download the files from the IMSMS home site and verify the downloaded file with your own MD5 hash value.  You can download any MD5 software (free); select the downloaded .cab/.zip file you downloaded from the home site into your MD5 software and the outputted string value should match the value printed on the home site respectively.

Q: Where is group send?

A: Dynamic Group Send will be available in Version 1.1

Q:  How much does IMSMS cost?

A:  The software is free.  Enjoy!