A Windows Mobile software - Stop Watch functionality for your device 




Currently (Windows Mobile 6.1 - .net CF 3.5 required):  

Version 1.0Build 3005

MD5: 06A58FE6AB3F087BBF2DA458868AC4CC


Checksum Tool: Download Version 1.02 (Help Guide)



(More Photo coming soon) 


(Comming Soon):

All Windows Mobile 5.0 - 6.0 (.net CF2.0)  Versions.




Description: This software is designed (for HTCS620/Excalibur/TMobile Dash) to be simple and effective.  It is a stop watch software that will allow you to MARK and SPLIT your times - with ability to export your times (text and XML output files).  Currently supports SMARTPHONE devices - both portrait and landscape rotations are supported.  PocketPC versions coming soon...


Instructions: Install the CEStoppWatch_Install.cab  from the directory path where the .cab file is place.  RUN the .cab file installer using the file explorer.  Install in either your default device or a storage card.  

Output files are saved to the \STORAGE CARD path first - if you don't have one, the files will be placed within the \My Documents\CEStoppWatch\ folder path.  

Help: See MENU->HELP menu for more details.  Very simple to use!

Notes: Set Timer functionality is temporarily disabled.  Future revision will include the timers.

Disclaimer: This software is FREE to use.