Lab members

Daniel Sol

I'am Research Scientist at the National Spanish Research council (CSIC) and I work at CREAF (Centre for Ecological Research and Applied Forestries). I did my PhD at the Universitat de Barcelona (2000) and my Postdoc at McGill University (Québec, Canada) in Louis Lefebvre lab (2001-2003).


Postdoctoral researchers

Gabriel García-Peña is a postdoctoral Researcher in my lab since 2010. He did his PhD at the University of Bath, UK on the Ecology and evolution of breeding systems and brain size in shorebirds. His supervisor was Prof. Tamás Székely.


PhD students

Miquel Vall-llosera  is a PhD student working on the ecology of avian invasions. His research lines have two main goals: to understand what makes a species a successful invader, and to develop tools to prevent the impact of invaders.

Cesar González-Lagos is doing his PhD on the response of birds to urbanization.


Oriol Lapiedra started his PhD in 2008. He is interested in the evolution of ecological niches.


Joan Maspons started his PhD in 2012 to work on the causes and consequences of life history variation.