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(2020) Puzzle Designer for David Kwong's online puzzle show Inside The Box, through the Geffen Stayhouse (September 2020 - March 2021)

(2020) Contributor of food-themed crosswords to Hungry Games

(2020) Puzzle Designer for Enigmas Deck and online puzzle hunt (here is the July 1, 2020 Kickstarter that raised more than $100K)

(2020) Co-constructor (with David Kwong) of an engagement party puzzle hunt at the New York Historical Society

(2020) Puzzle Consultant on the Enigma jigsaw puzzle

(2019) Consulting Producer, Puzzles for David Kwong's The Enigmatist, including this puzzle set and a pre-show puzzle room

(2018-present) One of several regular writers and hosts for O'Brien's Irish Pub Quiz, the longest-running pub quiz in the L.A. area

(2016) Designer of the collaborative simulation game The Ultimate Bowl for Professor Elissa Grossman's Gaming The System business course at USC

(2013-18) Designer and presenter of warm-up games at Crosswords LA (2018 was the final year of the event)

(2005-present) Designer of several unpublished board games, including the strategic word game Plexis in which players move their own army of letters on a board, pushing other players' letters and competing to form words in the limited scoring slots, as well as more than a dozen group games played on the official program or after hours at the National Puzzlers' League annual convention

(1995) Wrote a portion of the national, atlas-based road rally The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

For custom puzzle design or consultation,
please contact me at: