About me

Dongjoe Shin (PhD, MIEEE, FHEA)

Senior Lecturer

School of Creative Technology

University of Portsmouth

E-mail: dongjoe.shin[at]port.ac.uk

Portsmouth Research Portal (PURE)

Current affiliation

Visual Computing group, UoP

Virtual Interactions and Applications group, UoP

Fashion and Textile research cluster, UoP

Dr Shin is a senior lecturer in the school of Creative Technologies (CT), UoP. His research interest spans various aspects of computer graphics and computer vision, and recent work is particularly related to AI applications for creating 2D and 3D digital contents and immersive data visualisation. Since CT has been building a research profile in interdisciplinary research areas overarching computer technologies, human factor, and art/design, he is also working closely with other researchers from different backgrounds, e.g. virtual reality for fashion garment, and human interfaces for 3D installation.

Research interests:

· Computer vision and Deep Learning

· Computer graphics


· Remote sensing

Past affiliations:

· Rainbow group, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

· Imaging group, Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL

· Image Processing and Expert System Laboratory, University of Warwick

· BERC, Yonsei University

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