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10 Important Family Facts!

Viral Timeline

Molecular Biology 

Disease and Treatment 

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Aden0viral Webpages from past Humans and Viruses Students: 

Adeno Page 2005:  Eliana Lee, Katie Rice, Jeremy Schneider

Adeno Page 2004: Courtney Takahashi 

Adeno Page 2002:  Tiffany Lewis 

Adeno Page 2000: Jenny Dorth, Jonathan Volk

Adeno Page 1999: Eric Nudleman

Adeno Page 1998: Jhumki Basu

Adeno Page 1891:  Leland Stanford Jr.  

Other Humans and Virus Webpages 

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Other Adenoviral Webpages of Interest:  

Get the basics on adenoviridae from Wikipedia

Get a little more than the basics on adenoviridae from MicrobiologyBytes 

ICTVdB: ncbi-Viras Description 

CDC: Adenoviruses

American Academy of Pediatrics: Red Book(R) Online

Adenovirus: The Big Picture Book of Viruses


New Links:

"Adenoviruses". All the Virology on the Web.  Virology (updated: 2007).  

"Adenovirus Vectors". Available Vector Systems. (2008) U of Pitt-Cancer Institute

Doerfler, W. Adenoviruses: Model and Vectors in Virus-host Interactions. Recently Updated version. 

"Adeno Research Group". Department of Virology: MHH 

"Adenoviruses (in Animals)". American Type Culture Collection (2008). ATCC


Deshka's Pathogen Cards of 5 other Viruses:  

JC Virus Pathogen Card 

the other three to come soon...


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(Sung to the tune of Edelweiss - by Lorriana Leard)

Adeno, Adeno

Naked Icosahedron

Green name gland

With your twelve toxic pentons


Infectious, non-segmented


DNA family

Adeno, Adeno

My favorite viridae family!