Protein Structural Alignment Databese and tools

Ryoichi Minai


PROSURFER PROtein SURFace ExploreR  (known and potential ligand-binding sites structure database) 

 *Reference : Minai R, Matsuo Y, Onuki H, Hirota H: Method for comparing the structures of protein ligand-binding sites and application for predicting protein-drug interactions. Proteins 72:367-381,2008


 AltPS structural ALignment Tool for Protein Surface  

>altps.1.02.tar.gz (Complied and tested under Linux)  -------   Readme.txt

   Please install "cba.0.96.tar.gz" before the installation of AltPS.

   (integrated version)   or

   *Reference : Minai R, Matsuo YAltPS: a structural alignment tool for protein surfaces using similarity of local atomic environments. Ipsj Transactions on Bioinformatics , vol. 3, pp. 2-9, 2010

>cba.0.96.tar.gz   -------   Readme.txt

   CBA (Computational Biology Applications) was developed by  Yo Matsuo.

   *Reference : Yo Matsuo, "Bioprogramming", Ohmsha, Tokyo, 2005.