Natural Language Processing

Scientific workshop for students

Assoc. Prof. Dragos Sburlan, PhD
Senior Lecturer Cristina Sburlan, PhD 

Closcaru Petrica
Muedin Emin
Andronache Filip
Dima Ion Cristian
Nicoara Andrei Daniel

About the workshop
The workshop aims to introduce to the students the fields of continuous speech recognition and natural language processing. During the workshop will be studied topics on speech processing; the goal is to extract the significant features required for speech recognition. In this respect will be discussed the most known parameters from the time and frequency domain, digital filters, Mel Cepstral parameters - MFCC , DTW (dynamic time warping) algorithms. Another topic of the workshop will cover the lexical analysis and morphological elements; in this context, the weighted finite state automata will be introduced. In addition, other formal models used in syntactic analysis ( probabilistic context-free grammars , tree adjoining grammar , etc. ) will be introduced and various parsing algorithms will be discussed.

    The workshop is open to all the students interested in computer science and mathematics . In order to participate at the workshop, some basic knowledge related to the field of probability , statistics, calculus , formal languages ​​and Java programming is highly recommended.

Location: room E25 Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Ovidius University

Date: Thursday 10-12 on even weeks