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Sharing dsBudget document via DropBox

You can access a single dsBudget document from multiple installations of dsBudget using DropBox ( 

1. Make sure you have installed DropBox clients & dsBudget on all machines that you'd like to share dsBudget document.

2. Copy your BudgetDocument.xml from the dsBudget data directory to somewhere inside a DropBox shared folder.

Note: For Windows installer, dsBudget data directory is *usually* at

3. (On all machines that you'd like to share dsbudget,) override the dsBudget document location inside dsbudget.user.conf stored inside dsBudget data directory to point to wherever you have copied the BudgetDocument.xml inside a DropBox shared folder.

You can find dsbudget.user.conf in following location.

For Windows installation > C:\Users\<your ID>\AppData\Roaming\dsBudget
For standalone installation > Wherever you have un-zipped

Use your text editor to edit dsbudget.user.conf to contain something like following. Please make sure to use '/' instead of '\' for folder delimiters.

document = C:/Users/soichi/Documents/My Dropbox/dsbudget/BudgetDocument.xml

4. If you are already running dsBudget, make sure to restart the dsBudget server by right clicking on the dsBudget system-tray icon and click "Exit". If you don't know what system-tray is, then just reboot your machine.

That's it! When you start up dsBudget, you should see the updated document location displayed at the bottom of the dsBudget window. If not, make sure you have edited the correct configuration file, or dsBudget server was correctly restarted.