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dsBudget currently supports following languages

  • English
  • French
  • Turkish
All the labels displayed in dsBudget are externalized in plain text files. If you'd like to add new language to dsBudget, anyone can translate the file, and submit the translation to dsBudget project for inclusion.

Languages currently managed
  • English (default)
  • French
  • Turkish
How to translate
  • Get the label files template.
  • Rename the file according to the target language. See the ISO 639 table. ex: for the German language.
  • Translate the labels.
  • Submit the file on the forum.
Label details
Here is the list of the labels, and where they are displayed.

Main view

Figure 1: the Main view

Figure 2: the New Page dialog

Figure 3: the New Page dialog (with details)

Figure 4: the New Page dialog (with error)

Figure 5: the Remove Page dialog

Figure 6: the Update Page dialog

The income section

Figure 7: the Income view

Figure 8: the New Deduction dialog

Figure 9: the Update Deduction dialog

Figure 10: the New Income dialog

Figure 11: the New Income dialog (with use balance from another page option)

Figure 12: the Update Income dialog

The budgeting section

Figure 13: the Budgeting view

Figure 14: the Budgeting view (empty)

Figure 15: the New Category dialog

Figure 16: the New Category dialog (with option)

Figure 17: the Update Category dialog

The expenses section

Figure 18: the Expenses view

Figure 19: the New Expense dialog

Figure 20: the Update Expense dialog

How to test on Eclipse
  • Copy the language file to the src/dsbudget/i18n directory, with the other language properties files.
  • Modify the eclipse launcher to add the parameter -Duser.language ex -Duser.language=de for the German language.